A Winter Wander, and Contest Winners


Footsteps crunch a path through powdery snow and wisps of breath trail on frigid air. An abandoned bench mourns a friendlier season… a time when garden beds didn’t snooze beneath a layer of crystalline insulation, but beckoned with fragrance and colour. Now the bench serves only as a temporary resting spot for chickadees and juncoes en route to the birdfeeder for their hourly dose of calories. My well padded bottom rejects the deceptive white cushion, so I bypass it and return to the house where I reclaim my mug of tea, and settle into a more welcoming seat.


Wednesday I complained about the excessive snow we’ve had, and offered a $10 Starbucks gift card for the most creative comparison of plots and weather situations. Not everyone caught my suggestion of a literary-weather analogy, but there were some wonderfully descriptive ones. I jumped the gun and announced a winner Wednesday evening (I’ve been a bit brain dead this week), but there were more entries today that couldn’t be ignored, so I’ve chosen a second winner.

WEDNESDAY’S WINNER – Ramblingsfromtheleft (Blog: Florence Fois in the City)

“Standing by the sea wall, the Brooklyn Narrows is shrouded in a dense fog, the lights of the bridge struggle to break free. It moves like a gathering of white gray clouds above the water wake and like the moments just before we wake, it holds the world suspended, the mystery of a new day. Soon, soft winds sweep across  the horizon, and we see.”

THURSDAY’S WINNER – Sandra Heska King (Blog: Sandra Heska King)

“Often we get weather reports that cause anticipation and excitement–even apprehension. The kids get ready for a snow day. We check the snowblower. We get ready for the “big one.” But nothing happens. And we are disappointed. Like we might be when we get our hopes up for a good read.

Today the forecast was for flurries. But we had more than that, wind, a drift in front of the garage, and icy roads. Totally unexpected. I like surprises in my books, too.”

Congratulations, Florence and Sandra! $10 gift cards from Starbucks will soon be winging their way to both of you. I hope you’ll consider steamy mugs of yummy goodness a suitable reward for your effort.

~  ~  ~


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

8 thoughts on “A Winter Wander, and Contest Winners

  1. My appreciation to you Carol, not only for the gift, but for selecting my comment. I would say that we all love to be winners, and each time I stop here, my first coffee sitting next to my keyboard, I know I will also be a winner. I love your photography and the attending words (or none) that you select for each. Thank you.

  2. Yay! Thank you. The only thing better would be visiting Starbucks with you.

    And congratulations, Florence. 🙂

    BTW, Carol, I’d keep my bottom off that white pillow, too. My mom told me I’d get hemorrhoids sitting on cold benches. 😉

    1. Thanks. I love watching them flitting around here. They’re usually moving so quickly that it’s difficult to get them still long enough for a photo.

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