So, how’s your writing journey going?

Sometimes it’s clear sailing, and sometimes… um, it’s not.

During our December travels we encountered all kinds of weather. For the most part, the roads were good. On the homeward portion of the trip, as we left Cranbrook, BC, we traveled north for a time in a trench between two mountain ranges. It was a glorious day!

To the east of the highway were the rugged Rocky Mountains

… while to the west were the Purcell Mountains.

Eventually we had to leave the easy-to-navigate valley highway and turn west. The remainder of our trip was through the mountains … sometimes literally, via tunnels or snow sheds that are designed to deflect avalanches.

From the summit of the Coquihalla highway south through the Cascade Mountains  the weather began to change again, the road conditions were conflictingly described as “bare, snow packed, some slippery sections” and we drove through snow and slush until we got closer to the coast where rain washed everything slick and shiny. Driving was anything but a pleasure.

My recent Christmas trip has comparisons to my writing journey. Any objective, whether a holiday destination, a writing goal or picking a tree clean of its crop, requires some kind of journey. Success first requires desire – we have to want that ‘something’ badly enough to pursue it, regardless of the obstacles. Then there has to be forward momentum.

On the Magical Words blog yesterday Kalayna Price said, When the words are flowing and the muse is generous, writing is easy, sometimes even euphoric. But when the writing gets tough and every word has to be dragged out with jagged, rusty hooks – that is when you have to apply BIC [butt in chair] and slough through it.”

The beginning of a new year is often a time of re-evaluation. For me, it’s also a time of recommitment. My goal hasn’t changed but too often detours have sidetracked me.  The journey itself brings satisfaction but every journey needs to have a destination to fulfill its purpose. It’s time to settle my butt in the driver’s seat and start chalking up the miles.

How about you? We’re almost a week into this New Year. Have you made measureable progress on your 2012 journey?


“By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.”  [Philippians 3:14 MSG]

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Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

12 thoughts on “So, how’s your writing journey going?

  1. Not too badly. I completed my detailed spreadsheet of agents to query, and now I’m working on the query letter itself. I’ve also been writing. Not at the pace I’d like to be yet, but things have been slowed by birthdays and other stuff. I think the weather will clear for me next week, though.

  2. I am pleased to report that I wrote almost two chapters of my book this week. BIC and sloughing through is the key. I really like that quote. The detours sidetrack me too but with a plan, I usually manage to get back on track. I had a great boss once who said, “Without a plan, when you fall off the track, you will not know where to get back on.” I have always followed that rule of thumb. Happy writing Carol and glad you got home safely from your travels.

    1. You’re obviously making good progress. I think your boss was right. Having even a sketchy plan in place would make it easier to get back on track. That’s the advantage for those who do plot outlines, too, although I have to admit that’s not my way of writing.

  3. I think you and your husband should adopt me so I can travel with you and experience the amazing pictures you take 🙂 Breath taking is all I can say.

    I have been in a great place with my writing and since the 1st I have added over 6K words to my WIP … 36K and counting. I am on the other side of the mountain, and my time here is shorter than it was before. I believe that this time I have for my writing is a gift and I indend to play, enjoy, work, write and love every minute 🙂 Write on, Carol!

    1. Oh, Jenn, that sounds painful, but I know there are times like that. The winter of our writing days. 😦 Take heart; hopefully you’ll find new words re-emerging from beneath those weeds soon. Spring’s coming!

  4. Love these photos, Carol! And they so aptly illustrate what you’re describing, too. Moments of clarity and astounding beauty interspersed with dangerous road conditions! 2012 has NOTHING written from me yet to speak of. Hoping to settle in more now that we’ve got my mom moved into the her new space. We shall see… Thanks for the BIC reminder and your encouragement along this journey.

    1. You’ve had a stressful time lately. There are different kinds of writing, and different reasons for doing it. Hopefully things are settling back to what will be a new normal for you, and you’ll soon feel like becoming immersed in your writing again.

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