Patience may be a virtue, but….


It was nearing dinnertime, at least for our Labrador. Hubby and I wanted to get the Christmas tree up first, so we ignored the blatant hints. Tynan’s a patient dog and finally lay down to wait.



That was hard to ignore! As soon as the tree was secure and before any decorating was begun, his patience was rewarded with his nightly bowl of kibble. Afterwards, in the first bin of ornaments, a bag of old Christmas dog toys was unearthed and he was ecstatic. Dinner and long lost stuffies! Life was good.

Patience may be considered a virtue, but passive patience doesn’t achieve much.  It needs to be accompanied by some kind of purposeful action. If Tynan had settled into an unobtrusive corner to wait, he might be waiting still. Instead, while he didn’t beg, agitate or annoy, he made his presence something we couldn’t ignore for very long. He was just too appealing.

We aspiring authors could learn a lesson from him.

What do you do while you wait for a response to your query letters or submissions?

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Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

14 thoughts on “Patience may be a virtue, but….

  1. I’m waiting, but at the moment I’m so wrapped up in my current project that I really haven’t had much time to think about the fact that I am waiting. It actually hasn’t been so bad.

    Love the!

  2. It’s much like rearing children. You send one out of the nest and turn your attention to the next in line to get it ready to fly.. You keep praying over the fledgling, but you can’t obsess over it. Your job with the flown child has changed, and you still have work to do with the others.

  3. I love the way Tynan let you know what he wanted. Cute picture!

    When I’m waiting to hear news on a writing project that’s “out there,” I dive into another. The new story gets my attention and keeps me from being too focused on the one I sent off..

  4. I read your blog. It always makes me smile. Sometimes I get teary. But I always stop to think. Thank you, Carol. Beautiful dog. Beautiful tree. Very nice hubby.

  5. I just work on the next story. I always have so many projects on the go I have no time to fret. The finished product looks great. Our tree isn’t up yet but I do get excited when we do it. I am such a Christmas freak! Fortunatley my husband is very patient with me.

  6. What do I do? Write! Research other agents to query. Read. Go crazy. (I’m possibly kidding on that last one.)

  7. LOL, the agents and editors out there will wonder why they suddenly have writers lying across their ankles with brave patience!

  8. Carol, the best solution to the waiting game is to get busy with something else. However, you dog’s reaction was adorable and got the desired results. The problem is that I don’t think an agent would appreciate me reclining of her floor, my head across her feet so she couldn’t move unless she dealt with me. Too bad 🙂

  9. I’m laughing at Jenn’s and Florence’s visualization of agents with writers draped over their ankles! Truly, I was thinking more of writers finding ways to make productive use of their waiting time apart from getting agitated or bugging agents. Thanks for coming by today, everyone. I’m glad I gave you a smile.

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