Undercurrents (Again)


This is another re-run from 2009. There’s a new post in the works for Monday. 🙂


Undercurrents can be mighty dangerous things. Whether in ocean or river, if you’re not paying attention as you swim or paddle you can suddenly find yourself captured by a swirling vortex of unpredictable water. You flip and dip in the turbulence like an autumn leaf often ending up overturned, sucked under the surface or slammed sideways into rocks. Those benign-looking ripples can be terrifying and life-threatening.


There are other kinds of undercurrents, too –  inconspicuous in intimate conversations or public debates and any number of assorted situations in between, just waiting to rupture the status quo and erupt into violence .

Do you deliberately make use of subtlety, hidden agendas, and innuendo in your stories? What other not-so-obvious methods do you employ to ramp up the conflict and/or suspense?



Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

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