Trying to Hide in a Crowd


Midnight Wolf - Robert Bateman

I know. The title doesn’t tell you much. But I relate rather well to the wolf in this Robert Bateman print that hangs on my family room wall. If you’ve ever wished you were invisible, you’ll understand why, being both a pastor’s wife and an introvert, I sometimes desperately wanted to hide in a crowd. Please click on over to my post today at The Pastor’s Wife Speaks blog and see how I accomplished it.



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7 thoughts on “Trying to Hide in a Crowd

  1. I always heard this phrase growing up “You can tell a lot about a person by what’s in their medicine cabinet”. I don’t know so much about that, but I do know that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she surrounds herself with. Even on a limited budget women leave tell-tale signs of who they are in each thing they choose to display, hang, cover their furniture in, etc. Items such as these ‘speak’ for their personality. I can see you relating to that print, but let me give you credit where credit is due….you reach out more than you think. I know. You found me.
    I have a Terry Redlin “Family Traditions” in my dining room. I fell in love with it and had to have it. It reminded me of black and white, Christmas movies I used to watch as a child. I wonder what that says about me. Hmm..?

    1. There’s nostalgia in Terry Redlin’s winter paintings… they seem to evoke a yearning to share the activity portrayed, in a simpler, long-ago way. At least, they do for me. Doesn’t the house in “Family Traditions” remind you of your own, too?

  2. I have a Bateman copy of the Wolves. I stare at it a lot. I have another one by someone else of three Native men on horses crossing a valley. Snow on the ground, Horses’s heads low. Heavy coats on all three men. I stare at that one until I see them move. Fascinating.

    1. “Midnight Wolf” is my hubby’s favourite. It’s just a small bookprint I once gave him as a gift, but we are fortunate to also have a larger signed and numbered print of Bateman’s “Water’s Edge: Wolves”. I adore all of Bateman’s work, but his wolves always draw me.

    1. Interesting, isn’t it? There are other artists who “hide” things within their paintings — Bev Doolittle is one who does this in a fascinating way. It’s not what I expect in Bateman’s work, however, and isn’t what I liked most about this one. It’s how he conveys the mood or typical behaviour of a subject.

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