Taking a Break


I’m going offline for a bit… hoping to take advantage of some holiday time to pick away at a revision, and also do some editing for a friend. I’ll be checking in periodically, but won’t be posting again until August 29th. See ya then! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Katt says:

    😦 I already miss you. But you so deserve a break. Take care, I’m sending you a big cyber hug!

  2. mE says:

    ENJOY dear friend…hope to have something on my blog when you return.
    Be safe.


  3. karen evans says:

    Rest and renew. Love the little birdie. 🙂

  4. Judith Robl says:

    Everyone needs a break in routine now and again. Enjoy your change of pace. Be blessed and loved.

  5. Laura Best says:

    I hope you get plenty accomplished… See you in late August!

  6. davidebright says:

    Have fun – relax – chill- write – don’t buy stocks – take lotsa pictures – do buy gold (not wooden nickels). Gonna miss ya.

  7. davidebright says:

    Admit it. It was the interview! Toldja I’d drive everyone away from your blog in droves. I didn’t expect you would be one of ’em though. Now I’m REALLY bummed. Guess I’m the cyber-kiss-of-death. Hmph!

  8. joylene says:

    I love your discipline. I wish I could do that. Well, I suppose I am sort of. I’m not looking at my ms until the 16th. Haha, it hurts, but I’m doing it.

    Happy rest.

  9. Just checking in long enough to say “hi” and read your comments. Dave, you drive me to hysterics at times. It was definitely NOT the interview! It’s me wanting to make the most of some free time! I’m allowed, right? I’m relaxing and writing, and avoiding news of the US economy at all costs.

  10. davidebright says:

    Well, I’m gonna comment here periodically just to annoy you.

  11. davidebright says:

    Just trying to annoy ya again. Hope you’re having a great time. We’re preparing for a hurricane down here – then gotta go to our real house – to prepare there. Fun stuff.

  12. Dave Ebright says:

    Geez – if I’m not being annoying – I must have lost my touch. I suppose we lose some of our skills as we get older. The hurricane’s gonna miss us – though I was planning a 3 day writing marathon – using my overpriced & never used generator, while the winds howled & the rain poured.

  13. Love the bird! Hope you are having a productive and restful time.

  14. Dave Ebright says:

    Is it August 29th yet?

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