Feathers and Friends: a Comparison




Feathery bursts of colour, delicate clouds of white, pink and red, punctuate the mostly green garden beds in our back yard. Whether you call it false spirea, meadowsweet, false goat’s beard or astilbe, this hardy perennial is one of my favourites. The plumes rise above lacy, fern-like leaves and last for several weeks, still attractive even after they’ve faded.

Astilbe plants wave below the evergreens and cozy up to our hostas, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons without the slightest objection to the soil conditions, which I admit are less than ideal. And although the plants appear fragile, the stalks are sturdy and not easily knocked over by our dog when he happens to romp through the garden bed, as he frequently does.

They resemble some of my friends – beautiful, uncomplaining, sometimes appearing fragile, but strong and enduring despite adversity, because their faith is well rooted. Overshadowed by towering challenges or concealed amid the mundane, they continue to offer what they have — living out the fruits of the spirit — wherever they are planted.

~  ~  ~

For those of you called to cope with challenging obstacles today (Marcia, Joel, Jennifer and Billy), my prayer is that the strength of the Lord will help you endure and overcome.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” [Philippians 4:6-7]


~  ~  ~


13 thoughts on “Feathers and Friends: a Comparison

  1. Judith Robl says:

    For those called upon to cope (Marcia, Joel, Jennifer and Billy) and others too numerous to mention, I’ll add my AMEN to Carole’s. May grace, patience and faithful endurance be yours today — and always.

  2. I have one white astilbe. Now I want them all. Beautiful!

  3. P.S. Happy birthday! 🙂

  4. Katt says:

    Happy Birthday my sweet friend. I love your pictures and the analogy. I’m praying for your friends. Thanks for this great post.

  5. Brooke says:

    Beautiful words, beautiful photos 🙂

  6. joylene says:

    Happy birthday, Carol. The photos are so beautiful. I would also love to see a photo a few step backward just so I can see how beautiful the entire garden is. The next best thing to being there.

    I’m reading a book right now that I think you’d love. It’s called The Wind Thief by Martha Engber. I’ll do a review in a few days.

  7. mE says:

    May be taking off for Spokane this weekend for J J to have a job interview…No matter where, you and I are going to have to plan a garden!!! I love the Lupin!! Is it wild?
    And you enjoy your b-day, know that I’m thinking of you (a lot m’friend). Working on my SS for SC; hope I can get it done for entry.

  8. Beautiful pictures, beautiful message. I just lost a friend to cancer after a brave struggle so these words and pictures were comforting. Thanks Carol.

  9. Oh, these are lovely, Carol! Your analogies speak to my heart. In fact, the Lord and I just had a chat this morning about the root of complaining. Don’t ask me why, please…

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and all your welcome comments today. I truly appreciate every single one.

    Joylene, you wouldn’t want to see the whole garden… it’s a jungle of green with weeds and ferns poking up between shrubs that aren’t doing much blooming. Believe me, the isolated shots are the best views. I’ve read a couple reviews of The Wind Thief so I’ll look forward to yours.

    Earlene, wouldn’t it be fun to design a woodland garden as a setting for your little cottage in our woods? 😉 Yes, yesterday’s lupin was wild; the astilbe isn’t. Sending good vibes for JJ’s interview.

  11. Beautiful pictures and comforting words. Loup would like the white ones as they resemble snowflakes. 😉 Love your analogies. You really are good with those, aren’t you?

  12. karen evans says:

    Carol, lovely delicate flowers. So pretty. Strength in faith-great lesson. Thanks so much.

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