Evening Vignette


When the sun’s last blush is fading and evening prepares for nightfall, the usual quietness here becomes a noticeable hush. The birds that have busily flittered and twittered around all day suddenly react as if a signal has declared their bedtime.

Trees blacken in silhouette. Mist from the marsh beyond them begins to rise against a distant hill and the air freshens with nighttime earthiness. One by one, tree frogs begin their chorus.

As darkness settles in, I begin writing.

When is your favourite time to begin your day’s writing?


“… and the land was wide, and quiet, and peaceable…”
[1 Chronicles 4:40b] 



Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

14 thoughts on “Evening Vignette

  1. Although I writer at any time, I do think my favourite time is late at night when the house is quiet. There seems to be less distractions for me, and my brain feels more engaged. Of course, that often means I have trouble shutting it off then. Hmmm. there’s always some catch, isn’t there?

  2. What a beautiful invitation to the soiree of the muse! Please consider my RSVP of acceptance.

    The midnight hours are some of my most fertile idea moments. All is hushed, and there is less interference from the outside world. It seems I hear His voice more clearly when all else is still.

  3. Lovely description — I can sense the peace. 🙂 My favourite time to write is when this same sort of hush descends in the house, only it’s the children and electronics that have ceased their flitting about. Most commonly, though, you’ll find me working in the midst of the day’s busyness, snatching whatever writing time I can find.

  4. I absolutely love your photography! And my favorite time to write is very early morning. Thanks for the pictures! I love them and you too!

  5. What a lovely backdrop for your writing, so calming and peaceful. The photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this quieting piece. May your words pour out in storytelling like rain on a ready meadow. Blessings to you, Carol…

  6. Beautiful pictures and description. And I love that scripture. My favorite time is early in the morning – – I have a little devotional reading time, a cup of coffee and then get in a little writing. I write in the evenings after work, but find I do my best editing and get most inspiration early morning.

  7. I love the photo’s. I am doing my warm-up to writing now. I read my e-mail; read as many blogs as I can and then I start writing. Night time…
    Sometimes I spend an hour and sometimes I wake up with my head on my keyboard, realizing I need to get to [out of the house] work.

  8. Your descriptions and pictures render my heart at complete peace. I love early early morning for my best writing. Dusk, and I begin to feel so relaxed that I’m only good for conversation and a little TV.

    Lovely post, as usual, Carol.

  9. Definitely late in the evening when everyone is asleep. My thoughts flow freely then. Unfortunately I’ve become a morning person now. I go to bed early and wake up very early. I force myself to write in the wee hours of dawn.
    I love the pale pink peeking through the trees. It brings to mind a magical settings with fairies. Love your photographs.

  10. How blessed you are to live in this lovely environment!

    I don’t get to choose my time to write. I work 8 am-4:30 pm, so I have to write after supper and on weekends. But I’m not complaining; that I make money writing amazes me!

  11. Thanks, Laura and Judith. Late evening is such a peaceful, quiet time. I love writing in the solitude, although admittedly some nights I’m just too tired to think.

    Shari, when there’s a young family at home, or a work schedule to accommodate, you have to use whatever opportunities you have. As you know, our retired lifestyle gives me a lot of freedom to pick my times.

    Thanks, Carol Ann, I think! Is your wish for words to pour out “like rain on a ready meadow” responsible for today’s rain? Our few days of warm sunshine have ended in a forecast for several days of cool showery weather. 😦

    Katt, Brooke and Joylene, I do sometimes write in the morning, too… just not as productively. Like Brooke, I start with orange juice and devotions, checking e-mail, a little blog reading, and then I may write for an hour or two, depending on the day’s schedule. The quiet time before bed is the only assured time, where my brain is full of the day’s stimulation and I know there will be no interruptions.

  12. Doreen, you really *are* working late if you’re waking up with your head on the keyboard! While I often get some of my best ideas in the fuzzy moments before going to sleep, I head for bed when my eyes start crossing. 😉

    Lou, I guess our lives are never static. As routines change we adapt our writing times to fit in, but I’m in awe of anyone who can be creative at dawn.

    I love living in this rural neighbourhood, Jen. We do have neighbours, but our acreage is well separated by the trees on all four sides so it’s always private and quiet. I’m very blessed to be in this place at this time in my life! As I said to Shari, with a work schedule to accommodate it would be different. The discipline you need to get your writing done must be quite a challenge.

    Whenever you get a chance can be productive, Karen, assuming you get lots of chances. 😉 I think it’s probably not until our writing becomes a career that we find ourselves setting aside specific “work” hours for it, and for me that’s okay as long as I give my writing the priority it needs.

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. I do read them throughout the day but don’t always get the opportunity to reply promptly.

  13. My favorite times are summer mornings in my garden after a cup of coffee and a kiss to send Dear Hubby off to work for the day.

    Your evening description sounds absolutely lovely. Your words are nearly as poetic as your pictures.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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