Monday Musings on Friday


Friday is the favourite day of the week for many people. It heralds the weekend, an opportunity to wind down and escape from the workplace. For preachers, of course, the weekend is a ‘getting into gear’ time. Sunday is the focal point of their week’s studying and sermon preparation. But for the rest of the world Fridays signal the abandonment of schedules and appointments, a welcome break from answering to the demands and responsibilities of employment.

When I mention loving Mondays (I’m sorry, I know I’ve said it before, but I really do), Friday lovers glower at me. While Sundays run a close second with the hush of worship and the exhilaration of praise, Mondays are beginning again days for me. There’s something about tackling a new work week, and setting objectives with fresh determination thanks to the weekend’s rejuvenation.

I see Mondays as the perfect time to get back into a writing regime with renewed enthusiasm. That means Fridays can be good days to evaluate progress and plan ahead for a productive Monday. January doesn’t have a monopoly on resolutions.

Okay, so I’m pontificating! But just so you know… this is the beginning of a long weekend here in Canada, so Monday will be a holiday. This weekend we can all love both the Friday and the Monday.


Photo by Tom Curtis

9 thoughts on “Monday Musings on Friday

  1. i love mondays too!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Sue Harrison says:

    HI Carol, Chalk me up as another Monday-lover. Usually Monday and Friday are writing days for me, while T-TH vary from week to week. I love those writing days! I also love Sundays, which are quiet worship days, esp. in the winter. During summers, Sundays are often big meal days with lots of work so others can relax. Ah Mondays….

  3. catchats says:

    I tend to like Mondays as I can catch my breath after a hectic weekend of family activities. Mondays give me a chance to refocus. I still think I prefer Friday though. Most people are more cheerful on Fridays compared to Mondays.

    I used to see that fact so pronounced in the workplace. People who were doom and gloom on Monday mornings were all fun and carefree by Friday afternoon. What’s with that? A day shouldn’t be allowed to dictate our mood, but it does, just like the weather.

    Have a good long weekend, Carol!

  4. Judith Robl says:

    Because my weekends are generally so hectic and at someone else’s beck and call, I love the routine of Mondays. Something to be said for bringing order out of chaos. “In the beginning, God…”

    I’d better quit now, or I’ll be preaching — to the choir, I think.

  5. joylene says:

    I like Mondays too. I can’t think of what my favourite day of the week is now. When I was a kid I’m sure it was Friday. I also like the day after I’ve spent an entire day in the city. There’s something reassuring knowing I’ve completed my errands and now I can spend the whole day writing. Rather than a day of the week kind of girl, I think I love mornings. The sun rising. The loons crying. The stillness of the lake. When there are fat fluffy clouds overhead, their reflection in the water mesmerizes me. One day I should have my DH time me to see how long before I remember to blink.

  6. I confess to loving Fridays when I worked. Now, I love Mondays, too. My husband and I treasure Sundays. Thanks to the labor of good pastors, Sunday builds us up for the coming week. Blessings to you, Carol…

  7. Erna Lambert says:

    Hi. I am Erna Lambert and I’m a creative writing professor…. [Sorry, Erna, but this blog doesn’t support unsolicited advertising.]

  8. I’m happy to see there are other Monday-lovers around. There’s probably agreement, too, for Joylene’s idea that different days, and different times of the day, bring us pleasure for different reasons. I’ve mentioned before that I love writing in the quietness at the end of a day, when the household is slumbering.

  9. Early Monday morning lover here. Weekends are often so rushed–even Sundays. On Monday I go ahhhhh. The weekend is over.

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