Some gifts are like showers of blessings


Rain pours and puddles, splashing the grime of the deck onto our dove grey siding. Overfull eavestroughs spill waterfalls into the garden beds, and trees dribble on my head while I hurry to and from the car. As much as I don’t usually mind rain, I’m tired of weeks filled with dull, sodden days. Even my writing has suffered; spiritless, uninteresting words that I first type and then delete.

Into the gloom comes a shaft of warmth, a figurative ray of sunshine that instantly changes the oppression to a blessing. A poem inspired by a recent Facebook exchange I had with Sandra Heska King about, of all things, periwinkles. Sandra’s poem and photos make me smile, until I reach the end and see the words, “Dedicated to Carol Garvin.” Then I cry. What a beautiful gift!

There was a similar gift a couple weeks ago, when Joylene Butler sent the Inspirational Blogger Award my way. I don’t think of myself or my blog as being particularly  ‘inspirational’ so it was an unexpected and uplifting surprise.

Such gifts come from the generous and loving hearts of friends, but I believe the prompting for them comes from God. It’s his omniscience that uncovers my need and fills it with a spillover of lovingkindness from another’s abundance.  Neither Sandra nor Joylene could have known how much I needed the encouragement at that particular moment, but God did.

As I stand at the window and smile at the rivulets of rain, I am reminded of the old hymn, “Showers of Blessing.” Remember it?

May you be blessed to be a blessing today.


For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised. [I Chronicles 16:25]
I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. [Psalm 9:2]



Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

8 thoughts on “Some gifts are like showers of blessings

  1. Showers of blessings!! Oh how we need some of your rain in my neck of the woods. Wish you could send some our way. Crops are stunted, ground dry, fire danger high, and allergy danger even higher because of the dryness of the atmosphere.

    You can’t have periwinkles without the rain.

  2. Please send some of your rain to Texas. Our entire state is in a drought from exception to just dry. We’ll be happy to take some of that lovely moisture.

  3. Lavender blue. The poem is beautiful as are the flowers.

    Texas could use a little more wetness than only morning dew. Where I am we have received precious little rainfall lately. We’ve not felt the cleansing drops as much as we need, but we’ve experienced some gloomy skies. Today the sun is shining. It make such a difference. I want to go outside and just sit there soaking up the rays. Blessings to you, Carol…

  4. I’m glad those blessings came just when you needed them too! And yes I LOVE that song:)) Enjoy your day,

  5. The day my dad died it rained hard. When I complained to my aunt that I wanted the sun to shine, she said God and the angels were crying for me. In the strangest way possible that comment was such a blessing. So… blessings to you, dear Carol for all you do and say and write.

  6. I’d willingly share our rain if I could. Usually by now we would have our deck furniture out, and Mother’s Day weekend has always been my time to plant the deck containers and hanging baskets. Not happening this year! It’s still too cool. In desperation today my DH donned rain gear and went out in the pouring rain to begin powerwashing the winter grime from the deck, something he would normally have done a month ago! I suppose I should consider it a blessing that so far it hasn’t snowed in May.

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