Windows on Winter

Windows on winter

Sun-blessed discoveries

On a chilly morn

Wandering ‘coon tracks

Across my back deck

Pressed in powdered snow

Glimpses of beauty

Branches of white lace

Tree spears stretching tall

Evergreens shiver

Showering snow flakes

To capture lost warmth

Fresh winter snowfall

Fluffy white crystals

Dusting winter’s day


What’s your writing day like?

Can you describe it in five syllable phrases?


14 thoughts on “Windows on Winter

  1. Judith Robl says:

    Head throbs and tightens
    Blurry eyes burning
    Wrenched thoughts foot dragging
    Writing suspended
    It’s not a good day

  2. elderfox says:

    One of these days dear friend, I’m moving in! Pics are beautiful, your talent is amazing. mE

  3. Carol, thank you once more for a lovely post.

    I woke to wonder
    Sit and ponder
    Put my will to the task
    Write it down at last
    Rest, sated, it is done

  4. Heather says:

    First a Tim’s Coffee
    Then a short workout
    Find the marking pile
    Write comments and grade

    Well, I guess that’s not highly poetic, but that’s my morning! Love you, Mom!

  5. Beautiful photos and verses, Carol. Winter is awe inspiring, and you have shown the best of its splendor in this uplifting post.

    Warmth and love delight
    My day mingled with
    Duty and pleasure
    My hubby my cat
    My blog and my stove
    My thankful heart bows

  6. These phrases are wonderful! You’re all very creative… and Earlene, you can move in any time. 🙂

  7. joylene says:

    Beautiful photos, Carol. Stunning. A poetic I am not, but here goes…

    Writing day is so
    Bitter cold, sun bright
    Blinding, still lake white,
    Blogging friends cheering
    Trees waves bare branches
    Life blessed, heart lifted

  8. joylene says:

    See! I can’t even spell poet! LOL

  9. How about four: I need to sleep!

    I recently discovered I can describe my whole book in a haiku. I was tempted to turn it in for a contest, but 17 syllables didn’t meet the 500 word minimum.

  10. Shari Green says:

    Wow, well done! Lovely words and lovely photos. 🙂

    I’m not going to subject you to any attempt at poetry on my part….

  11. Paul Greci says:

    Thanks for the windows into your beautiful world!!
    Orange and red sky scape
    A cup of hot tea
    My brain clicking on
    What was that story?

  12. Isn’t winter beautiful? I’m almost sad it’s ending. Beautiful words!

  13. dave ebright says:

    87 degrees yesterday – I don’t do snow

  14. Thanks for all your poetic descriptions.

    Stephanie – Yes, wintry scenes are beautiful, but I’m really NOT sad that it’s ending. I’m more than ready for spring. Unfortunately there’s another snowfall weather warning for our area this weekend.

    Dave – We don’t usually do much snow here, either, although we’ve had a few very white winters in recent years. I’m not too fond of 87 degrees, mind you. Heat and I don’t agree. So I guess I must be hard to please. I love spring and fall… mild temperatures, things growing, nothing too extreme. 🙂

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