Twitter and the #amwriting hashtag


Twitter is a concise form of online communication… “bursts of information called tweets, each 140 characters in length.” The Twitter hashtag, #amwriting, is an abbreviation of ‘I am writing’ and is intended to encourage an ongoing conversation within the writing community. To reach the intended audience each tweet needs to include the #amwriting hashtag, so the rest of your message is limited to the remaining 130 characters.

It’s remarkable how inventive people can be in expressing themselves in 130 or less characters. I won’t identify the sources, but here are a few recent tweets that made me smile:

I should be #amwriting. That was in my plan for the night. But then I picked a book from my TBR shelf and I CAN’T PUT IT DOWN. *shakes fist*

I haz tea, blankie, theme from Goblet of Fire, and a quiet house. #amwriting #amtryingtostayofftwitterbutfailing

The weight of words isn’t fixed. 3000 words can be like nothing and then 800 words can feel like dragging an elephant uphill. #amwriting

Typo of the day (so far): She wrong out her hair. #amwriting or attempting to anyway.

All this makes me wonder how creative YOU can be with #amwriting and 130 characters or less. C’mon, give it a shot. Share a tweet about your current work in progress, the actions of a character, or a writing dilemma. I’ll even start:

My characters are eavesdropping here without me. It’s after 1 a.m. and I’ve gone to bed. #amwriting not.

Okay, so it’s not very creative. That’s because I really am ready for bed. I get silly when I’m tired.


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13 thoughts on “Twitter and the #amwriting hashtag

    1. Hmm… I knew I had a funny bone, but didn’t think I had a funny side. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the post. I think Twitter is a useful self-promotion tool if it’s subtle. I get turned off by constant “Read my book; it’s fabulous” or “I’m an expert so learn from me” tweets. (I know yours aren’t like that.)

  1. I opened a Twitter account and forgot about it! Duh. I spent too much time trying to shorten what I wanted to say, so I twittered away my time elsewhere. I should go back in and delete it or tweet it. Right? Maybe I will. Thanks for a fun-filled tw…post. Blessings to you, Carol…

  2. My editor’s taking a two month leave of absence. #amwaiting

    Oh dear, that was supposed to be #amwriting but actually the #amwaiting is more fitting for today..LOL

  3. My latest #amwriting tweet was just a couple minutes ago:

    Wrote 6 pgs notes re WIP on my break at work last night. REALLY want to get to work but now am in nightshift brain-haze. #amwritingtomorrow

    (I’d offer something more creative for you, but that’s as good as it gets with nightshift brain…). 😉

  4. I’m glad this is sparking a little fun! I’m enjoying everyone’s comments. Consider it an exercise in brevity.

    Laura, that was a delightful Freudian slip!

    Shari, since I stole your ‘I haz tea and blankie’ tweet, I’m not about to criticize anything produced by a nightshift brain!

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