Giving and Receiving with Grace


Be forewarned. Today’s post is one of my “mental meanderings.” It has nothing whatsoever to do with writing.


Pampering shouldn’t make me feel guilty, but it did. After all, it’s just a cold. Yes, I’m barking and blowing and feeling headachy, but still, it’s just a cold.

Tuesday was my husband’s birthday and instead of doing the ‘labour of love’ thing and making him a nice dinner and special cake, the day slipped away in a Benedryl and Tylenol haze. I never even got into the kitchen. He took me out for a wonderful “order anything you want” dinner.

Thursday I stood at the window peering through the rain that sluiced down the glass and glaring at the snow that was rapidly disintegrating into slush. I muttered into my Kleenex about the bedraggled garden and the dreary day. Soon the fireplace was lit and my dear hubby brought in armloads of firewood so that while he was away during the afternoon and evening, I could relax, read or write in cozy comfort. Later he brought me a mug of tea with honey and lemon.

It’s just a cold and I really don’t require this pampering. Even though it’s comforting, at the same time it makes me feel guilty.

But then I am reminded of a wonderful truth. Just as when God’s grace and mercy are undeserved but freely bestowed on us, so there are appropriate times to acknowledge the generosity of a gift, accept it with thanks and know that nothing more is required.

I did say thank you.


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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

10 thoughts on “Giving and Receiving with Grace

  1. You bless as much when you receive graciously as when you give selflessly.

    Good for your jewel of a husband. And wish him a belated happy birthday. Two of my children had birthdays on Wednesday – and no, they’re not twins. January children are very special.

  2. You are sweet to cook your husband a special meal on his birthday, and he is a hero to take you out instead on this occasion. I always expect to be taken to out to dinner on my husband’s birthday. (My mother raised no fools. Ha! Well, maybe one. See, there I go feeling guilty.) We go out on my birthday, too. This year may turn out to be the end of our tradition with his illness, but maybe not. God is good and my hubby is doing well. Blessings to you, always, Carol…

  3. Hope you feel better soon. And don’t feel bad for taking a day to recoup. I’m sure you make it up to your hubby in countless ways everyday of the year. 🙂

  4. This post just made my day. I love the idea of accepting when we aren’t deserving, and I also love how giving when we should be recieving makes us happy. Hope you feel better!

  5. Moaning and Complaining? You? I don’t think so! My hubby has a birthday next week—–so I’m wondering, if we come over, will your hubby take us out too?
    Love you—hope you are very much better!

    1. Katt, if you folks turned up here you could guarantee we’d take you out… or take you in, at least! Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to sit down together, say a prayer of thanksgiving, and share a meal together?

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