My Time to Write



Stillness settles around me as the household goes to sleep. This is my time to write.

In the soft light of the Christmas tree I fumble for words to finish a chapter, but fogged from a long day, my mind refuses to release them. I resent the weariness, the sluggishness, the withdrawal of creative thought. This is my time to write.

I put words on paper but they aren’t the right ones. They tell of a scene, but are only a mirage.

This is my time to write but in the silence I listen. I am told instead that it is not my time to write, but my time to rest. It’s not writer’s block, but the reality of my humanity. There is a need to respect limitations. Instead of writing, I will go to bed.

Are you able to push through physical barriers – exhaustion, illness, stress – and continue to write, or do you do a better job of writing if you take time first for rest, refreshment and refilling?


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

14 thoughts on “My Time to Write

  1. The older I get, the more I fight the fatigue factor. It is so frustrating to be able to see the mirage of a scene in your head and be unable to find the words to express it properly. Rest well, dear friend.

  2. Tired? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to feel at this age?:D I constantly fight fatigue. And no, I don’t write well when I’m tired. In fact, gazing at this beautiful Christmas tree with all the lights and probably a fire place in the room some where, makes me so relaxed that I’m not sure………….
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend,
    Love you

  3. Carol,
    If I’m having trouble focusing during my time to write, I let go of the need for perfection and allow myself to “write bad”, knowing that I can always go back and fix it.

    And by “write bad” I mean putting down incomplete thoughts, sentences, sloppy word choices, etc…

    Then, I go and take a break to recharge my writing batteries 🙂

    Christi Corbett

  4. How wise to recognize the times and seasons, even those of a day and a night. There are times to rest and times to write. No doubt, you have chosen the right write times and the right rest times.

    When I am fatigued, I can only write about my fatigue. Although this may sometimes be a blessed subject, most of the time I believe that God is telling me to go to bed.

    Your posts are always a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you always…

  5. Good question. Sometimes we have to stop pushing ourselves and listen to our bodies. I’m not always good at listening. Last night I went to bed at 8 with a migraine because I wasn’t listening. Today I’m not 100% but wise enough to know that today I need to take it easy. Tomorrow comes soon enough.

    Your tree is lovely, Carol. Oh, I have a surprise for you tomorrow. I’ll post my surprise in the morning. Hee hee.

  6. Judith and Katt – I imagine age has a lot to do with it. I used to be able to pull all-nighters just a few years ago, but I peter out a lot earlier now although the late night hours are still my favourite time to write. And yes, Katt, the fireplace had been on all evening so there were still glowing embers.

    Christi – My late night writing can get pretty bad! But I like your idea of giving myself permission not to care. There’s always revisions.

    Carol Ann – That’s my concern… that if I’m overtired my writing will reflect my mood and, if I’m writing blog posts, I’ll just end up with a litany of complaints. Last night was a good sound sleep, albeit short, as we had an extra early start this morning.

    Joylene – I’m not prone to migraines but I gather they are extremely debilitating, so I sympathize. After my husband’s heart surgery (many years ago) his doctor said there were no limitations on his activities as long as he listened to his body. “Stop when your body tells you to.” We like to think we’re invincible but we really do have limitations.

    Kristen – I need a good night’s rest since I’m not one that can benefit by short naps. My DH can power nap in the daytime, but all that does is leave me groggy and cranky!

    Thank you all for you wonderful encouragement and support this past year. Merry Christmas to you!

  7. I often like to write late at night. For me it seems as though I’m more in tune with my thoughts. Mind you, I can’t always write at night, especially those times when I am working. Sometimes I need to steal a few moments here and there whenever I can find them.

  8. My time or His time? That thought just popped into my head.

    I usually give it up when I am weary. Often when I lay my head on the pillow and rest, the words begin to come. Or they start to flow as I wake up. I guess sometimes we just have to let it go in order to let it come.

  9. Laura – Squeezing out precious writing time can be a challenge. Now that I’m retired I’m fortunate to have generous portions of time available to me, but I don’t necessarily make the most of it.

    Sandra – Isn’t it strange how the right words show up just as your brain is clocking out for the night? I keep a note pad in my night table for those occasions, but all too often I’m too sleepy to make the effort to record something. I’m sorry in the morning because I can’t recall it. 🙂

  10. I squeeze whatever time I can to write or edit or polish, & it’s usually very late at night. I prioritize – less time investment of time on Blogging, FB, TV (blech), & other less productive stuff. Exhaustion is a pretty common condition for me. Looking forward to a couple of weeks “off” beginning in about ….. 4 hours. Whew! Merry Christmas.

  11. I can write when I’m stressed, but not when I’m tired. My brain simply shuts down when I get too fatigued, and I’ve fallen asleep at the computer many times.

    Love the picture of your Christmas tree!

  12. Jill – I guess there are times when we *have* to push through to meet an important commitment, but too often I push myself when I really don’t need to and would benefit more by the rest. My brain functions much better when it’s fresh. 🙂

    Dave – Finding time in your schedule has to be a huge challenge so that prioritizing is crucial. I hope you’re enjoying your time off.

    Carol – I can’t say I’ve ever fallen asleep at the computer. With the laptop, I’d be too afraid it would slide off my lap and end up on the floor; and with the desktop I’d end up doing a face plant on the keyboard! LOL

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

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