3 thoughts on “2010 Giller Prize Winner

  1. Very nice for Johanna! It’s good to hear that someone is rewarded for good writing. Thank you for sharing, Carol…

  2. Laura Best says:

    I was so happy for Johanna! She’s a fellow Nova Scotian.

    I’m also very pleased for Gaspereau Press. Andrew Steeves published several of my short stories years ago when they published the Gaspereau Review. He was always very supportive of my work. They are a small press that prints and binds right in their shop in Kentville. I’ve had the tour and it’s fascinating..

    • I saw that she was from Nova Scotia. Cool! A Tweet also mentioned a Globe and Mail article about Gaspereau, but not too favourably: http://bit.ly/9eJOp2 — it was commenting that their printing process is wonderful except that it can’t keep up with demand, thus limiting Johanna’s opportunity for sales right now. I guess there are pros and cons to small presses.

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