Thankful for the Ordinary Everyday

Today is our Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s strange to me that we set aside one specific day of the year to show thankfulness for the things that bless us every moment of every day… the holy moments that enrich our lives. As Ann Voskamp says in her post today, “The everyday is the most important day of the year…. The way we live our everydays is the way we live our lives.”

And, to steal the title of one of my husband’s sermons, how we live our lives should reflect a perpetual Attitude of Gratitude.

I wish you many blessings on this Thanksgiving Day, and leave you with one question:

How do you express thanksgiving in the ordinary everydayness of your life?

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.
[Psalm 105:1 – NIV]

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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

14 thoughts on “Thankful for the Ordinary Everyday

  1. I sit on the glider in the screen room every morning. Reading my Bible and listening to the birds. I learned a long time ago, it’s that quiet time every day that I need to reflect on the “Thanksgivings” in my every day life. It’s during that time every day I realize how very much I have to be thankful for. Wonder why it took me so long?
    This was a great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And Happy Thanksgiving to you my sweet friend.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Carol. Your question is a good one. I stop, sometimes, often, during my days and think of how thankful I am that I still have my husband, for the hope I still cling to for my children, and for the simple provisions that make our days good, food, shelter, and knowing that Jesus will never leave us. Life is best when it is simple.

  3. In my mind, “thanksgiving” should be “thanks returning.” I am thankful that God never leaves us or forsakes us – no matter our infidelities, no matter our circumstances. He is always there, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent.

    No matter what life throws at us, He knows the end from the beginning and has made provision for us to get through whatever happens.

    I hope you had a glorious day yesterday. BTW, I’m thankful to have met Carol and some of the rest of you via this blog.

    Grace and peace to you all.

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, Carol.

    I try to start each morning with a prayer of thanks to God for all He’s done, as well as thanking Him each time I see something awesome–like a flock of cranes, a colorful sunset, or my children. Each day is a blessing, no matter how mundane it may seem.

  5. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I tried to find a way back here because your name doesn’t link back on my blog! But when I googled you–was able to find you!:))

  6. Thanks, Kristen and Janna. There were several special blessings to be thankful for this weekend.

    Katt, that quiet time of prayer and reflection provides such a necessary foundation for my day, too.

    I agree the concept of a simple life is best, Carol Ann. What constitutes ‘simple’ is different for different people, but taking stock of everyday blessings and being thankful for them is important.

    “He knows the end from the beginning” is such a great thing to remember. It’s a simple truth but we seem to need to be reminded regularly. Thanks, Judith. And, like you, I’m thankful for the friends I’ve met here online. Each association enriches us.

    Thanks, Carol. Yes, it was a happy celebration. We didn’t have any of our family close by, but the weekend was spent with special friends who are always a blessing to me.

    Terri, I was surprised to hear my comment on your blog didn’t link back for you until I realized that your comment here didn’t link back to your blog either. Strange. Thanks for persevering (and googling), and your Thanksgiving greeting.

  7. Sometimes this dark cloud forms over my head. When I pay attention and actually notice it’s there, (sometimes hours pass) I immediately think about all the things I’m blessed with: good health, loving family, wonderful location, awesome friends, warm fireplace, and a fridge full of food… the cloud disappears. It’s a miracle when that happens.

    Happy Thanksgiving back at you, Carol.

  8. Sorry I’m late arriving. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

    I can honestly say that I do not let a day go by without saying a silent thank you for all the blessings I have.

    1. Acts of kindness are unexpected blessings for the recipients and a wonderful way of expressing thankfulness!

      (I couldn’t resist that tree! I’m always amazed at where moss grows… even in rock crevices. Several varieties are found in my back yard in places where I’m trying hard to grow other things. But when I realize how fascinating moss is I don’t complain. It gives me something else to be thankful for.)

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