I’m somewhere else today

I’m not here today because I’m there… there being Keli Gwyn’s “Romance Writers on the Journey” blog, where Keli and I are having a cosy chat. Please click on over and join us. There’s virtual popcorn to munch as you read, and at the end of the interview there is a draw. Keli will draw the name of one lucky person who leaves a comment on her blog by midnight September 14 (Pacific Time) and that person will win my “Writing on the Run” kit. I hope it’s you! 😉

Update: I’ve been advised by Keli Gwyn that the winner of the draw is a fellow Canadian, Tricia Saxby. Congratulations, Tricia! I’ll be sending the writing kit off to you shortly.

9 thoughts on “I’m somewhere else today

  1. Enjoyed the interview, Carol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you…

  2. Dave Ebright says:

    I commented on a romance blog – scary.

  3. Paul Greci says:

    I really enjoyed that interview!

  4. Keli Gwyn says:

    Carol, I’m honored to have you as my guest and am enjoying the many wonderful comments left by your visitors.

  5. Thanks, everyone and especially Keli… I’m having a wonderful time over on your blog. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be interviewed and share with your readers.

  6. Laura Best says:

    Loved the interview! Good for you!

  7. Now that is a great kit. Thanks for the opportunity, Carol and Keli!

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