On the Go

One of the frustrations of my life is how often a good photo opportunity is lost. My DH likes to travel from point A to B, reaching a destination with as few stops as possible, so most of my en route photography is done through the vehicle windshield at 100 kph. It’s hard to plan the composition of a shot at that speed. Most times I just point, click and hope.

This was one of the unsuccessful attempts to capture gorgeous green moss clinging to the craggy roadside rocks. I never did get the shot. The blur shows how the scene flashed by.

It reminds me of how quickly my holiday disappeared. Time is a strange commodity, dragging on forever when one is waiting in anxious anticipation, but slipping from one’s grasp when one would like to savour it.

Are your stories sagas that take place over a character’s lifetime or are they focused on specific incidents? How do you use time to complement conflict and mood?

13 thoughts on “On the Go

  1. Betty says:

    Actually, that is a very interesting shot Carol. I rather like it!!

  2. elderfox says:

    Good morning m’dear friend…Glad to hear (and see) your lake time was a family cum writing visit…and Ty looks great! Been doing more Blog…but finding it difficult to show instead of tell when it comes to explaining how to.
    Maybe I need pictures???? JJ is still sending out resumes…hopefully we will be able to stay in Washington…and we will let you know about shows.
    Much love

  3. patti says:

    Well, the first three novels follow the framed story structure and dip into the past. The fourth will be a bit different. The fifth will be a series, all rolling real-time!

    Nice, for a change!

    Great post!

  4. The photo is engaging. The colors blending into a blur sparked interest in me to know what it was about. Vacations always seem too short after waiting so long for one to happen. Thank you for sharing.

  5. joylene says:

    LOL. It’s a man thing. Mine does the same. But spot a moose or a deer or a bear and you’d think the world had stopped. LOL.

    Generally my novels take place over time. Sometimes a year, sometimes decades. I don’t seem to have a pattern. Hopefully that’s good. I hope.

  6. Patti and Joylene, I can’t imagine consistency matters from book to book, and the different approaches are probably good for our brains. Keeps us on our literary toes. 😉 And thanks, Carol Ann. No matter how long a holiday I get, I always wish it were longer. But once I’m home again I’m happy, too. “There’s no place like home.”

  7. Oh, I understand and relate, Carol. Some moments (and opportunities) were meant to be slowed down.

    My current WIP happens over the span of a couple months. I think that’s about my standard. Not sure why.

  8. Men like to conquer the road. I think it’s great that you adapt so well. This shot is interesting and fun!

    My stories are focused on particular incidents.

    Happy Weekend!

  9. Hi, Janna and Jen. I’m glad you ‘get the picture’. 🙂

  10. Dave Ebright says:

    Wimmin. What’s wrong with getting from point A to Point B? I’ve seen my awesome wife wait 30 – 45 minutes to get a particular shot. Something about lighting & shading & THEN she has to use “the right lens”. I dunno. At best, I’m a phone photographer. To answer your question – my stories, so far, track adventures over a single summer.

    Welcome back. I’m getting ready for 3 whole days in my own home. Can’t wait.

    • Dave, I’d love to be given even five minutes to catch a particular shot! And on occasion when I’m by myself I have that luxury, but not when DH and I are travelling together. 😦

      Hope you have a wonderful three days at home!

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