All Good Things…

Holidays are wonderful but “all good things must come to an end”, or so I’ve heard it said.

When we reached our lakeside cabin we weren’t surprised to find forest fire smoke masking the blue sky, but fortunately within a few days the wind shifted and cleared the smoke away.

After a brief shower one late afternoon a double rainbow even appeared — perhaps God’s promise of something, although I’m not sure of what… certainly not that it wouldn’t rain, because it occasionally did. Maybe that the smoke wouldn’t return, because it didn’t.

It was a lovely two weeks of puttering, writing and family togetherness… the perfect mix for a wonderful holiday retreat. But now it’s time to return to reality, so I’ll be back here in a jiff with a new writing post for you! Just give me a couple minutes to get my thoughts organized. 🙂

10 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. Becky says:

    Sounds like you had a restful time. Aren’t vacations wonderful?

  2. Laura Best says:

    Welcome back, Carol. We have missed you.

    So sorry about the forest fires in your area. We have been so fortunate here on the East Coast this summer.

  3. patti says:

    Glad you are back, Carol. You turned nature’s ways into a thoughtful post.
    Thank you.


  4. joylene says:

    Wow, that went by fast. I’d like to think it’s because I was working and that made the time go by faster. Actually, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Glad you had a nice time, Carol.

  5. Beautiful photos! What a lovely place to retreat. Two weeks is twice the pleasure of one!

  6. Shari says:

    Welcome home (although that particular lake also whispers “home” to the soul, doesn’t it?). Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. 🙂

  7. Tricia says:

    Awesome rainbow.

  8. Thanks for your comments, everyone. As Shari says, this lake is a second home to us, restful and beautiful, and we love to be there. But it’s good to get back to our primary home, too. Time slips away and there’s always lots to do here. Time… hmmm. The subject of my next post. 🙂

  9. Jon Gibbs says:

    Love that rainbow pic 🙂

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