Versatility With Substance?

Holidays are my poor excuse for the delay in responding to Carol Benedict and Joylene Butler’s kindness in awarding me the Blog With Substance and Versatile Blogger awards. It’s such a precious gift to have one’s writing efforts acknowledged by other writers. Sincere thanks to both of you!

Both awards come with similar although not identical requirements. The Substance Award asks that I share five words that sum up my blogging philosophy. That’s something I haven’t thought much about. Let’s see, I want this blog to be a place that is:

  1. Respectful – of differences in people, their abilities and their opinions
  2. Reflective – of the world around me, of God’s light and love
  3. Helpful – sharing information, news and advice from within my realm of experience
  4. Individual – an honest expression of me, my faith and my ideas
  5. Uplifting – a place of encouragement and empathy

Then the Versatile Award wants me to share seven things about myself. Seems like I’ve already done that on a couple of occasions. Do you suppose these have to be seven new things? I may have to steal a few from a different list but I’ll give it a try…

  1. Although I’ve never been able to play it very well, my favourite musical instrument is the piano. I’m sure there isn’t a mood it can’t express.
  2. I painted in oils, mostly landscapes, for two decades, sold everything and now don’t own a single piece of my own work.
  3. Despite living on the Pacific west coast, the only kind of seafood I like is barbecued salmon and canned tuna.
  4. In 1954 I was a majorette, twirling my baton and high-stepping with a friend, providing half time entertainment for the BC Lions football games. “Lions roar in ’54!”
  5. Singing the Canadian anthem always brings tears to my eyes.
  6. I love a good mystery story but my favourite TV programs are non-violent ones such as “Little House on the Prairie” reruns, “Heartland” and “Divine Design”.
  7. If I had to pick just one food to exist on it would be soup. I love all kinds of soup except for clam chowder.

There! Does that do it? Not quite. The other requirement is to pass along the awards to several other blogs. I’m never comfortable singling out one favourite over another, and to complicate things, some of the writing blogs I might choose have already received one or both of these awards. Carol Benedict suggested nominating blogs that I feel qualify as blogs with substance, or listing the blogs I check most often. I could do that, but I don’t believe the owner of the one I have in mind would accept an award.

And perhaps that’s my answer. I won’t nominate anyone this time, but simply refer you to Ann Voskamp’s poetic words of faith. If you have not yet visited her blog, A Holy Experience, please check it out. You will be blessed.


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

13 thoughts on “Versatility With Substance?

  1. Oh, thank you for letting me check out new sites…and potential bloggite friends.
    And congrats on the awards. May God continue to use your words to get out His Word.


  2. Thanks for your comments, Laura, Patti and Joylene. I never know quite how to respond when an award comes my way. It’s both humbling and pleasing. I hope you’ve made it over to Ann’s site. She has a truly humble spirit.

  3. I think in the fall I could live on soup too. For a while I was on a soup-making craze! I tried all kinds of new ones and it was a fun experiment! But alas, I’m back to making easy, quick, tried-and-true meals! But my daughter the other night was asking if she could make soup, so I’ll need to pull some ingredients together and let her take over! 🙂

    And that’s a bummer about not having any of your paintings left! I’ve framed some of my kids artwork and hung it up like a “real” picture. And they think that’s just so cool!

    Hope you have a great week, Carol!

    1. Jody, I’m not very experimental when it comes to my soup making. I start with whatever I have… soup bone, ground beef, bouillon, or vegetable stock… and simmer it up with whatever other ingredients are on hand. Every pot is different.

  4. Congratulations on your awards, and it was great to learn a little more about you and your blog. Oh, and I think you should break out the paint and create a new work so that you at least have one of your own paintings!

  5. Thanks, Jeanette and Alissa. As for the painting, I do have an album of photos of my paintings but haven’t painted since moving from Vancouver Island many years ago. So many other activities have filled my days. It’s hard to find time for everything I want to do!

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