Don’t Knock Everydayness

Some days my mind is so full of everydayness that composing a post on a topic that would interest someone else seems impossible. Today is one of those days.  The page is blank. The mind is uninspired.

Everydayness — the get up, eat breakfast, do the laundry stuff — makes up the majority of my days. Not every activity or thought is worthy of recording on the empty page but it’s still part of life. Remembering that puts my day, and my writing, into a different perspective. This is the level plain of my ordinary times.

We all love life’s highlights — those times when we celebrate momentous occasions or, for writers, when inspiration runs rampant and words flow, submissions are accepted, publishers offer contracts. We wonder why it can’t be like that all the time. Why are there so few mountaintop experiences amid the ordinariness of life?

It’s questions like these that remind me of Luke 9:28 where Peter, John and James accompanied Jesus to the mountaintop and witnessed the Transfiguration. Afterwards they wanted to remain there and bask in the glory, but Jesus took them back down to where the people and their needs waited.

The majority of our lives are lived in the mundane places. For writers, it’s that grass roots level where the work takes place. Between our hectic daily tasks we struggle to find the right words, writing and re-writing our stories, synopses and query letters. We submit, and we wait, and we wish for the exultation of success. We’re sure that when the big moment comes, our lives will forever be changed. Thereafter we’ll live on a perpetual high.

The truth is, we’re not meant to exist in a constant state of ecstasy. Down on the plains there are needs waiting to be met, and work to be done. Success will be followed by more challenges. That’s just the way it is.

Don’t knock it. There is stability in the familiarity of everydayness. And who would have guessed it… a blog post, too! 🙂

Luke 9:28-45

8 thoughts on “Don’t Knock Everydayness

  1. There is definitely much to recommend everydayness. We all know how good it feels when back from holidays to slide back into routine after hectic travels. Thanks for reminding us to take pleasure in the little things.

  2. joylene says:

    You are a big part of what this world needs, Carol. A Reminder that we are more than all the negativity in the world. If every single person on this earth had your attitude, my goodness what a glorious place. But no matter, your wisdom takes us one step closer to that dream.

    The now-ness of everyday is a wonderful gift from God, the precious lifeline to eternity. Hallelujah.

    • The thought of much more of me in the world would be a scary thought for a lot of people! But it would do us all good to take time to appreciate the blessings that are all around us in our everyday existence… the little things we take so much for granted.

  3. lydiajo39 says:

    When tragedies happen, it is sometimes the everydayness of our routines that save our sanity. They become part of the foundation upon which we can build new lives.

    The greatest wonder of everydayness is that God loves us everyday just as perfectly as He did the day before and as fully as He will tomorrow into eternity. That love is the perfect foundation upon which to build tomorrow.

    Thank you, Carol, for reminding us to be grateful for the dailies.

    • That’s so true! When tragedy strikes we tend to forget everything else that God has provided. It is the daily routines that keep us moving forward on auto pilot until we’re finally able to see beyond the disaster, recognize his upholding love and begin to cope again.

  4. Patti says:

    Oh, MY! Just read an Oswald Chambers devo about Christ’s “everyday” life.
    Tie it into Paul’s persistent talking about perseverance.

    Why do we try to make it difficult????

    Love this blog.

    • I wonder if it’s because we haven’t found the right balance between laying back in His everlasting arms and stepping out to live our lives in active faith. If we would just do our part and trust God to control the rest, life might be a lot simpler, mightn’t it?

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