Mornings, or maybe not…

Morning drifts into my consciousness, hesitates and leaves again. On its next attempt it flits and flickers like a butterfly darting from one flower to another. Oh, bother! I guess it really is time to wake up.

Eyes squinting against the light I ease out from under the duvet, stretch, stumble to the closet for my housecoat.  I wrap the lush velour close with a tug on its belt, sealing out the early chill.

Early? Who am I kidding? It’s 8:00 a.m. I am SO not a morning person! I think I’ve mentioned my fridge magnet before… the one that says, “I would like mornings better if they started at some other time of day.” My brain eases into gear slowly, reluctant to part with remnants of the night’s dreams, opening slowly to the new day… a morning glory unfurling. Okay, that’s a bit over the top. Maybe not so much like a morning glory.

Obviously I’m not a morning person. I’m in awe of writers who willingly leap from underneath the covers an hour before they have to, so they can squeeze in an extra hour of writing before the rest of their workday gets under way. My internal compass wouldn’t function at that hour; I’d never find my way to the computer let alone find words. If I have a choice I’ll always take midnight creativity over morning brain dredging.

How about you? Can you write efficiently whenever you set your mind to it, or have you identified your prime time?


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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

13 thoughts on “Mornings, or maybe not…

  1. Mid morning would be my best time, but that’s when I have to homeschool the son and do the company bookwork. Mornings are definitely my son’s best, freshest brain-time, so we take advantage of that. I tend to do most of my writing in the afternoons.

    Evenings, I can’t seem to get buckled down to the task of writing. My mind is too scattered.

  2. Mornings are my best and most favoritest times ever. I get up at 5:30 without an alarm clock and enjoy the sunrise. I love spending those early morning hours at my keyboard.

    Wishing you the best luck in getting mornings to move to a more convenient time for you : )

  3. I love the mornings. I am up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 and anxious to start the day. I love sitting in the screen room reading devotions and listening to the birds. THEN I go to the office (here) and write! Sometimes I do laundry! OR bake cookies– ha ha
    Love you

  4. Mornings are where I shine. Unfortunetly that’s when I want to do everything. I want to write, clean, garden, plan meals. cook, etc. because I can do none of these things later. Back pain sets in, which triggers fatigue, and I just heard on the John tesh radio show that chronic back pain sufferers lose extra brain cells (that explains a lot).

    So right now I’m visiting blogs and making scattered comments that reflect my new brain damage.

  5. I can see my non-morningness is definitely in the minority here! I don’t know how you folks are able to snap those brain cells to attention so quickly but I admire your ability. And Tricia, there hasn’t been any indication of decreasing brain cells in anything of yours I’ve been reading, so I suspect John Tesh is full of baloney. 😉

  6. I’m most productive writing-wise between midnight and 2 a.m…. whose daughter am I? 😉 I probably do most of my writing during the school-day hours, though, because of the pesky need for sleep, but I know I can accomplish in two late-night hours as much as I can in six day-time hours. Maybe I should take to sleeping after the kids go to school?

    1. LOL – That could work, I suppose. I’m glad to know there’s someone else that recognizes the value of late night creativity. Most nights I start about 10:30 and go until 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. That’s probably why I have trouble opening my eyes much before 8:00 a.m. most mornings, do ya think?

  7. I love early mornings. I didn’t always. When the kids were little, I used to dream about the day they’d sleep in until 8. These days I’ll tell everyone that I’m sleeping in in the morning, and they secretly smiled at each other. And sure enough, the next morning I’m up at 5:14 AM. It’s a curse. I do love that time tho, between 6 and 2 PM. After that I’m pretty well useless. After supper, I’m clock-watching to see how long before I can go to bed. As for writing, it’s early early mornings. OTOH, if I can’t sleep, 3 in the morning has the perfect quietness.

    1. I remember seeing pictures you took of dawn, so I knew you had to be another of those crazy morning people! It *is* a beautiful time of day, I’ll give you that. When I was working dog shows I had to be on the road by 5:30 a.m. so I do remember what dawn looks like. Even if my brain weren’t mushy at that hour I think I’d still prefer the night time quietness. There are no interruptions to anticipate, no impending meals, no chores to do, no phone calls. When I finally go to bed I can drift off thinking about plot and characters and it’s often in those almost-to-sleep moments when an idea will come to me. (That’s why I have a notepad and battery-lit pen on my bedside table!)

  8. You have a battery-lit pen?! Sweet! I have a flashlight, but the awkwardness of notebook + pen + flashlight means I usually just open to what I sincerely hope is a blank page and scribble out my idea. Interpreting the mess in the morning is always interesting…. 😉

  9. Not a morning person at all. I write in the evenings, although on weekends I often write in the afternoons, too.

    There’s a version of my bio that says I believe mornings are meant to be slept through!

    1. Oh, good! Another non-morning person. 🙂 I don’t sleep all that late (although 5 a.m. people would probably say 8 a.m. is late), but my brain isn’t very efficient for the first hour or two.

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