Springtime Waiting and Wanting

Lush spring greens falter against the backdrop of a slate-grey sky. Tiny liquid crystals shimmy on shiny breeze-blown rhododendron leaves. Two weeks from summer’s arrival and still the lawns are squishy beds of moss, gardens a muddy setting for the emerging perennials.

This is my season of impatience. I yearn for warmer temperatures and summer sunshine, for bold geraniums, mounds of sweet alyssum, trailing pastel petunias and friendly daisy faces.

Is it human nature to hunger for what we don’t have? All things in due time. Soon enough I will be yanking out persistent weeds, watering parched plants and complaining about the heat.

I remember this and am thankful for quenching rain and the fresh rosy pleasure of evergreen rhododendrons beginning to bloom.

Today’s writing analogy: Our early seasons offer a time of learning and preparation. I should appreciate the opportunities as they are available, remembering that there will come a time when the heat of schedules, deadlines, and marketing will have me longing for this time of waiting.

When it comes to the writing life do you live in the past, the present or the future? What do those seasons mean to you?


  • “I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit.” [Leviticus 26:4]
  • “Then I will send rain on your land in its season, both autumn and spring rains, so that you may gather in your grain, new wine and oil.” [Deuteronomy 11:14]



6 thoughts on “Springtime Waiting and Wanting

  1. Tricia says:

    This time last week I was wishing for warmth. Not it’s hot and I want it to scale back. Makes me crazy how fickle I am.

    Writing I’m always behind.

  2. joylene says:

    I was hoping it would slow down. There is so much to do and little time to prepare. Or waste for that matter. My garden needs my attention. Sadly, today I was thinking: it’s winter in less than five months. Brrr. LOL

    • You really know how to make a person feel good!! LOL! I’m not ready to bypass summer altogether! It’s going to take me that long to get caught up on the gardening. I spent a couple hours in the gardens this afternoon but there’s still so much to do.

  3. catwoods says:


    Like you, I am basking in this time of learning between newbie and professional. I am thankful for what has come before and hopeful for what lies ahead. But most importantly, I am content with where I am in the process and all that I’m learning along the way.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking post.

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