Signs of Springtime

Ask people what comes to mind when they think “spring” and you’re likely to hear about longer days and daffodils, cherry blossoms and new green growth on trees and shrubs. That’s before they start thinking about pruning those trees and shrubs, cleaning gutters and dethatching winter-weary lawns.

I still remember the poem I memorized in high school English Lit class:I wander’d lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er vales and hills, when all at once I saw a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils….”* It stuck with me because I, too, love the idea of wandering hills and vales in a flurry of springtime discovery. Realistically, I’m more likely to wander the woodland path behind our home and find the first sprigs of the Woodland Anemone unfurling from beneath their covering of decomposing leaves.

There are no daffodils “fluttering and dancing in the breeze”* yet. The only bursts of yellow to be seen are the first dandelions (and staying true to another of our family’s odd traditions, they’ve been picked and mailed anonymously to the other members of the family).

I love the newness of spring, silky pussywillows, the hint of warmth in the wind, God’s promise of all that is to come.

What words suggest springtime to you? Will the invigoration that accompanies this new season have any spinoff effect for your writing?

* Daffodils (1804) – William Wordsworth


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9 thoughts on “Signs of Springtime

  1. Living in Florida conjures different memories. When I lived in Ohio thoughts of Springtime were lilacs in bloom and warm sun on my face. I loved the way Spring “smelled”. Fresh, crisp and sweet. In Florida some of the flowers die, but for the most part it’s Spring and Summer all year long. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! Loved it—

  2. Forsythia, crocus, robins, barn swallows, and Japanese beetles all remind me of Spring.

    With the wonderful weather we have this week, I’m finding it hard to stay inside. My writing isn’t nearly as important as the freedom to walk outside with a light sweater, watching the birds and other creatures. Once the temperatures hit 80, I’ll be back inside until Fall. I’ll catch up on my writing then.

  3. Sadly, it’s a long way to spring up north. But the snow is almost gone and there’s mud abounding. Did I mention I hate mud?

    Happy Spring, Carol.

  4. Spring has a wonderful smell. I am not as poetic as you are Carol but the smell, to me, is sort of woodsy and clean; light but with a promise of greater things to come. Ah, this is a wonderful world we live in. Let us all stop, breathe, enjoy!!!

  5. Hmmmm. Spring. That wonderful time of year when I receive an anonymous letter with a carefully placed dandelion inside. Promise of spring, or taunting that one person is so much closer to blooming flowers than I am? A fine line. In the end….a weird tradition that I do so treasure!

  6. Spring is warmer weather and gads of color after a long, grey winter. I hate winter where I live: little rain, no snow, just a damp, freezing fog. I live for spring.

  7. Thanks for all your comments everyone!

    Katt – I’ve often wondered how different the seasons would be in a place like Florida. I can’t imagine not having four distinct seasons, although some years our west coast winter isn’t very wintry so it almost doesn’t count.

    Carol – I forgot about forsythia. I do love its cheery colour. It was warm and sunny today and I went out to work in the garden so did no writing. I’m planning to catch up this evening (just as soon as I get off this Internet!).

    Joylene – I’m sorry to be bringing up the topic of spring when it’s still going to be a while reaching you. In a chapter of one of my novels my MC has to cope with your breakup and mud. I sympathize… I remember how miserable it can be.

    Betty – Thanks for dropping by here. I agree, spring has such wonderful scents. I love taking a walk in our woods right after a spring rain. There’s nothing like the freshness!

    Heather – We do have some crazy traditions in our family, don’t we? You had such a warped childhood. 😉

    Tricia – I think God must have given extra colour to spring flowers just to help renew our spirits after a dreary colourless winter. I tried to balance plantings in our gardens so there is an assortment of evergreens and variegated foliage through the winter, but I’m still anxious to see the blooms when spring finally arrives.

  8. I love spring. I’ve spent much time walking in the woods during the spring, searching for mayflowers and delighting in the sights and sounds. Being close to nature enhances the feelings that stir inside me during this time of the year. It as if the world is being reborn and it fills me with hope.

    But I also love fall.

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