Photo Memories of a Special Companion

In Thursday’s comments I promised a few more pictures of Ebby.

Now that I am better able to look through her photos without teary eyes, I notice something. From the very beginning she was a “people dog”.  There are very few pictures of her alone, except when the person accompanying her took the photo. Ebby was devoted to our daughter, Heather, and went with her everywhere. In later years she adopted Heather’s husband, and as each of their children arrived Ebby’s devotion didn’t shift, it just expanded to include them. No matter where they were, Ebby was always within arm’s reach.

If she wasn’t giving the tiniest of permissible kisses,

she was receiving them.

If she wasn’t snuggled up to them,

they were cuddling her.

I suppose that’s part of why we miss her so much. She wasn’t just a dog, she was a constant companion. She loved as only a special friend can… unconditionally… and asked nothing in return except the joy of being near her family.

Where did those twelve precious years go?

Nine weeks old
Twelve years old

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16 thoughts on “Photo Memories of a Special Companion

    1. Tricia, these are two of my favourite photos of Ebby. We always said she had such a “wise old lady” expression even from her earliest age, and all these years later it was still evident. She never really changed.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Carol. I can see why you’re teary. My goodness, what a beautiful dog Ebby was. Hope she’s having lots of fun in her new home.

    1. Most of the pictures don’t show her off well. Many of her better shots are glued into my daughter’s albums, but she was pretty. She was show quality, as most of our dogs were, but ended up an inch or so smaller than the breed standard wanted so wasn’t shown. She did have her obedience degree, however, and her Canine Good Citizen certificate.

      And yes, I’m sure she’s cavorting around with all our dearly departed Shelties, three of whom she lived with.

  2. Sorry about your furry friend. We had our Collie (Casey) for 15 years. When the ‘let’s get a new dog’ suggestion was raised – I remembered how tough it was when she died – making it easy for me (the old grump) to say no. Never wanted to deal with that again. Hope you’re hanging in there.

    1. We’ve actually had 13 dogs through the years, Shelties and Labs, and parting with each one was always a heartache, although Ebby’s situation was unique. Despite the pain at each loss I can’t imagine life without a canine companion.

  3. Carol: What a precious fur child Ebby was to you and your family. I firmly believe you will see her again. If Jesus returns today or ten years from now, Ebby will be waiting to greet you at the Pearly gates.


    1. Thanks, Jen. I’m not sure if theology supports our view but I’m with you on this. I can’t imagine never seeing our special companions again. Our time on earth with them is so short.

  4. She was a beautiful dog. I have tears in my eyes just looking at the pictures of your wonderful family friend. They are so devoted to us, that’s why it hurts so much to lose them.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures, I know looking through them must have been painful.
    Love you

    1. Thanks, Katt. My daughter just sent me a DVD with photos/video of Ebby that I haven’t quite had the heart to view yet. It is hard to look at her pictures right now but in time I know we’ll enjoy reviewing all the happy times.

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