It May Be Winter, But….

Sixteen degrees!* That was the temperature as we returned home to the Fraser Valley on Saturday from our eighteen days in the Okanagan and East Kootenay areas of BC. We drove 2,000 km and never once drove on snow.

Hoodoo Mountain
East Kootenays
Columbia River
East Kootenays Snow
Kicking Horse Mtn. Resort near Golden, BC
Near Rogers Pass

We did see snow, of course, but here at the coast the spring crops are already greening. At the moment my DH is washing the truck in the sunshine and thinking of mowing the lawn later this afternoon.

Fraser Valley Farmland
Fraser Valley Farmland

Fraser Valley
Fraser Valley

It’s not exactly ideal Winter Olympics weather but it made for great travelling. And after last year’s long snowy winter, I’m not complaining one bit!

[* 16 C. = 62 F.]


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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

20 thoughts on “It May Be Winter, But….

  1. Holy cow, who wudda thought Canada would be warmer this time of year than Fresno CA? It’s about fifty degrees here today. Someone was washing their car in this cold, I mean, who does that?

  2. Great photos. Such a beautiful part of Canada. We have snow here but this winter has been fairly mild. We had one snow storm in February and oh the complaints..I thought we were pretty darn lucky, myself.

    1. The past two winters here were unusually snowy; this one is to the opposite extreme although that’s not so unexpected for the southwestern coast. What’s surprising about this winter is the lack of snow and cold elsewhere in the province… at least in the lower half of it. It may not bode well for the summer. Without the snowpack to melt we could have a water shortage. 😮

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Carol!! Did you take them all? If so, you are truly gifted! And thanks for adding in the metric conversion for us metrically-challenged Americans! 😉 Sounds like beautiful spring weather already! I can’t wait for it to show up here in Michigan!

    1. Yes, they’re my photos but the gift is more in being able to hold the camera still and find the right angle so that the scenes don’t blur as we zoom along the highway at 100+ kph (65 mph). My DH isn’t inclined to stop regularly for picture-taking so I have to snap them on the run! I missed a lot of potentially good ones and discarded a lot of bad ones just to get these!

  4. Isn’t it amazing! Our only problem uphere is we’ve been socked in all week. Haven’t seen the sky for too long. But it’s mild. No snow on the roads. Lovely weather.

  5. You are more then welcome to have some of the winter from out this way! I believe it was -24 C with a windchill making it -33 C this morning.

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