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I’ve been galavanting for the past few weeks, enjoying visits with family and friends in BC’s Kootenays and Okanagan. Precious times and lots of good memories, but it’s good to be home again.


Ten days ago there were grey skies and lots of clouds, but a blogging award from Joylene Butler definitely brought sunshine to my day.  We often speak of writing as being a very solitary pursuit. Blogging provides opportunities for feedback but even then we never really know how much (or how little) impact our words actually have. When someone surprises us with an award for being inspiring that in itself is inspiring, so thank you, Joylene, for sending the Sunshine Award my way. I’m smiling! 🙂


Tonight the star-studded Vancouver and Whistler Olympic Victory Ceremonies Concert will feature Trooper and Loverboy. I’ve heard some of it will be shown on CTV but it will also be broadcast live on MuchMusic from 8:00-9:00 p.m. PST. You can bet I’ll be watching! I may be family but I’m also a dedicated fan. Yay, Trooper!!! Timeless rock ‘n’ roll, for sure!


And now I’m off to watch the Olympic Canada-U.S.A. hockey game. It may be just a preliminary game, but I’m boldly waving my red and white.



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5 thoughts on “News ‘n Notes

    1. Thanks, Joylene. I did take lots of photos but most were of the grandchildren! Have just posted a few taken from the truck while travelling at 100 kph (DH doesn’t often make camera stops).

      I forgot to mention who I’m passing the Sunshine Award to, but will add it as an update tomorrow.

  1. I watched both concerts — fun hearing all those great, old tunes again. (How can it have been 35 yrs since I first saw Trooper in concert? Wow. Last time I saw them live was in Edmonton, so even that was a few years ago.)

    I only saw the first period of the game, cuz we had a church event (30th anniversary). But perhaps the game would’ve been too painful to watch, anyway, lol. According to the highlight reel, Miller was quite something.

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