When Is It Okay Not to Write?

When I coasted over to Brandilyn Collins’ Forensics and Faith blog today I spent longer there than I expected. Some days I skim a lot of blogs (I’m not admitting to how many), gathering up tidbits that are meaningful to me and hurrying past items that aren’t. I stayed to read thoroughly and then re-read her post, Five Reasons Why the Unpublished Can Stop Writing. I recommend you hasten over and read it for yourself. It’s meant for those who have yet to publish a book, but I think it speaks to all writers.

Here’s a peek at what she says: “A halt to writing is part of the journey. I stopped writing numerous times during the ten years I worked to be published in fiction. Once I even vowed I’d never go back.” This is from someone who now has at least twenty published books. It’s worth reading. You’ll feel so much better about those dry spells when you’re lambasting yourself for not writing. Go check it out here!


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

10 thoughts on “When Is It Okay Not to Write?

  1. I love reading advice from pros that tell me what I’m doing is normal. Otherwise those little voices in my head try to seed doubt about my abilities and/or how much writing I should be doing. Life does get in the way. Can’t fight it.

  2. Thanks, Carol. I’ll check it out for sure. I remember quitting writing. I’ve done it a few times in the past. Once for an entire year. I was making the bed one day in the late 90s when the urge to write was so strong that I stopped halfway thru and went straight to my computer. It was as if I was attached to a string. Forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Just when I was contemplating climbing into bed and pulling the covers over my head for a week I came to your blog. Just the advice I needed today!
    Christi Corbett

  4. No writing so far this week – brutal. Not a good week on any level now that I think about it. Made an unscheduled 300 mile drive to get home – away from the “madness”, even shut my phone off.

    1. I’m travelling this week, too, and have done very little “real” writing. In off moments I’ve chosen instead to watch the Olympic coverage. But we’ll be home this weekend and I really will have to start catching up!

      Hope your travels give you quiet driving opportunities to percolate ideas. 🙂

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