A head of golden silk rests against a soft blanket, one thumb tucked contentedly into the rosebud mouth as the eyes flicker closed. Tiptoeing into the darkened room, a mother gently adjusts the fleecy Winnie-the-Pooh print blanket around her sleeping babe.


Another mother brushes flies from the open sores on her little one’s tear-stained cheeks. Round brown eyes stare from a halo of curls once wiry black, now dusted white by a cloud of concrete.  She shifts her aching body in the dirt of the street to provide her babe with shade from the noonday glare.


Separated by 3,500 miles, they are both children of God. How His heart must ache at the disparity.


10 thoughts on “Disparity

  1. Becky says:

    Beautifully put.

  2. Katt says:

    How profound! What a punch you packed with these simple phrases—-brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. Thanks for this powerful message! Love you Katt

  3. Careann: I have grieved the most over the children whose parents died in the quake, or got separated from their wee ones. My best cry is that God will use those helping them to show His love.

  4. Oh, Carol. That was so beautiful, and so powerful. I should love each of those girls as I love my own little ones. He does.

  5. Laura Best says:

    Thanks for posting this, Carol. A very profound message. I know we can’t even begin to imagine the devastation. Hopefully we will never take all what we have for granted. How quickly it can be torn away.

  6. joylene says:

    Thank you, Carol. Beautifully written.

  7. Cher says:

    Thank you for sharing. Extremely powerful, and beautifully written.

  8. Thanks to each of you for your kind comments. We are so far from the devastation and suffering that it would be easy to distance ourselves from it, but we mustn’t. They are our brothers and sisters.

  9. christicorbett says:

    Very powerful.

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