One Month to the Olympics!

The XXI Olympic Winter Games begin exactly one month from today, February 12th, in Vancouver. There will be approximately 5500 athletes from 80 countries participating in 86 events involving seven sports.

This official logo is named Ilanaaq the Inunnguaq . Ilanaaq is the Inuktitut word for friend.

Just thought you might like to know all that. 🙂

[Information and logo from Wikipedia]


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9 thoughts on “One Month to the Olympics!

    1. Don’t get me going on roughing in hockey. I hate it! It’s getting so hockey games should be double-billed with Xtreme Flighting (which I also hate).

      Re the JP vs. DE… I show up on sites as Careann if I’m not logged into my blog, and CJG if I am. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  1. Having grown up during the hey-dey of the “Broad Street Bullies” (Philadelphia Flyers) – I say today’s NHL resembles figure skating. Ah… the bench clearing brawls, 8ooo penalty minutes, no helmets, no front teeth, noses wrapped around far enough to get stuck in the ear, the famous surgeon-like ‘stick work’ of Bobby Clarke, pink ice. Guys with nicknames like The Hammer, The Hound, The Rat, Tiger, Bruiser, The Enforcer… Haven’t watched NHL Hockey since they went to the new Brian Boitano format, but I don’t like & never watch(ed) Xtreme Fighting or WWF or whatever nonsense is on cable. I say add checking to curling – extra points for broom fights! Hah!

    1. Broom fights? Now that conjures up Harry Potter and real fun! 🙂 But I don’t get the hockey fights… seems to me it’s nothing more than street fighting on the ice. Tempers flare, fists come up and brutality takes over. If that kind of violence isn’t acceptable in our homes or on the streets, why is it in something we call a “sport”? I can’t think it makes God smile. Ah, well… I know I’m in the minority here, surrounded by hockey fans in my family.

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