Mac or PC?

In a blog comment on my News ‘n Notes post, Lindsay said,

“… this Apple [Tablet] reader is bad news. I’m already a total Apple junkie (ipod, iphone, macbook, imac, check!) and now another toy I’ll have to have….”

And it started me thinking. My Mac-computer-lovin’ self has always been outnumbered by PC users but lately several bloggers have mentioned having Macs. Maybe the balance is shifting. Maybe those ads are having an effect. Maybe it’s time to take stock.


What computer platform do you prefer, Mac or PC? Why? Do you own any other Apple products?


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17 thoughts on “Mac or PC?

  1. I have been a PC user all my life – but my husband and I are getting Macs this time around, and a bunch of my friends are talking about getting Macs. We’re all mid-twenties, so it might be trending upwards!

  2. Oh, and the only other Apple product we own is an iPod – that I just got this past holiday season. But my husband uses a Mac at work, and all his interns use them for their personal computers as well. (Sorry for the double comment!)

    1. Thanks for weighing in on this, Jessica. I often wonder what goes through the minds of those who switch from one kind of computer to another… what’s the motivation? At one time “serious” software was only available for PC’s but that’s changed so it isn’t much of a consideration now.

      I don’t have an iPod but I know it and the Shuffle got a lot of attention when they arrived on the scene… they were small, easily portable and held so much more music than the one-CD-at-a-time Walkman. Is there a non-Apple equivalent these days?

  3. Woohoo, thanks for making me famous in one of your posts! 🙂

    I was a PC person for the longest time, but back in 2003 or so Apple enticed me with their gateway drug: the iPod. How I loved that little clickwheel. So simple, so brilliant! It was the beginning of the Transformation.

    Now I have an iMac and Macbook and let’s not forget the iPhone. Oh, and I sneer at my parents’ lowly PC whenever I visit their house and my mom asks me to help with computer problems. I do believe I’ve been brainwashed!

    1. Brainwashed? LOL! Half our family have PC’s, the other half Macs, so I get to play on both. Besides its simplicity of use I think one of the things I like best about the Mac is that there is no Windows software to wait for (or to crash). The Mac’s OS boots up directly into a functional desktop. I don’t have an iPod or iPhone, but if the rumors are correct about the Tablet’s versatility I’m going to be mighty tempted.

  4. I’ve never used a MAC, but those who have them swear they are the best. What a fun debate. I’ll bet when we get to Heaven, we won’t even care…

  5. I’ve never used a Mac. We started out with a PC because there were more games available for them, and continue buying PCs because we are used to them. My son’s college roommate had a Mac, and my son used it a few times. He said he prefers a PC, so we never checked into Macs.

    My daughter spent all her money on an iPod a couple of years ago, then couldn’t afford to buy many songs to put on it. We couldn’t figure out how to transfer her cds to it, so she still uses my old cd player when she’s home.

    1. I remember my children being disappointed at the lack of games available for our earliest Macs. I still don’t tend to play many games but am more than content with what’s out there now. One of the disadvantages of platform-specific technology is its lack of compatibility with the other popular hardware. Since the iPod is an Apple product Macs come bundled with iTunes which allow easy transfer of music from CD’s. Perhaps your daughter could find a friend with a Mac that would help transfer her music.

    1. Sheltered and terribly deprived! 😉 You should at least venture into an Apple dealership and get a demo on the Macs. Then you’d know what you’re missing. The Macs do a lot of stuff that’s cool and are so easy to use, but in truth, for a writer’s basic word processing needs I don’t think it much matters which computer you use.

    1. Macs are pretty much “plug and play” machines although they no longer come bundled with a word processor as they once used to. I added ‘Office for Mac’ and now have everything I could possibly need.

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