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On Thursday I’ll be posting an interview with debut author Jennifer Hubbard. Jenn’s contemporary YA novel THE SECRET YEAR is being released this week by Viking (Penguin).

P.S. – Jenn’s agent, Nathan Bransford, even has a coordinated teen diary writing contest over on his blog. If you’re feeling creative and have a teen voice go check it out here. Contest deadline is 4 p.m. Pacific time tomorrow (Wednesday, January 6th).



First it was Amazon’s Kindle, the Sony e-reader, B&N’s Nook and Borders’ Alex. Now rumors are suggesting the soon-to-be-released Apple’s Tablet will outshine them all as “a multimedia device that will let people watch movies and television shows, play games, surf the internet and read electronic books and newspapers.” [Wall Street Journal] As a long time Apple aficionado, I’m more than a little curious about Apple’s January 27 media event.

E-book sales are a small but growing market and e-book readers continue to compete for our dollars. The Tablet is apparently going to be a premium mobile device that will do what Apple has always done… be unique and cost more. Just when I’m almost talked into considering an e-reader it looks like I won’t be able to afford the one I want. Drat!


PUBLISHER’S LUNCH reports that after ten years of no profits, US-based Joseph-Beth Booksellers are anticipating growth in 2010. In an interview spokesman Neil Van Uum said, “Van Uum’s rule of thumb is the longer you can keep someone in a bookstore, the more likely he or she is to spend money there… For each store, he’s hired two marketing and events coordinators to create a yearlong calendar of book signings, orchestra performances, photography shows and craft workshops.” That’s the kind of optimism I like to see.


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11 thoughts on “News ‘n Notes

  1. I had no idea you knew Jenn. She’s terrific, always pleasant & she’s from the same area as me (southeast Pennsylvania). Her blog is seriously awesome (but I can’t post comments lately ???) Can’t wait to read her YA – I think it’s out Thursday.

    Deb was going to buy me a Kindle for Christmas. I suggested she wait because I’m not sure I’d like it. Would be good to actually read one entire book on one before deciding. E-Book sales, for me anyway, aren’t bad. Not retirement money good – but it probably finances the trips to Starbucks.

    1. I seem to gravitate to YA authors even if I’m not one myself, maybe because my DD writes YA. I follow Jenn’s blog and participated in her Summer Reading Challenge last year. Yes, January 7th is the scheduled release date.

      The e-book readers don’t have a strong appeal for me, but my techie side is becoming curious about them. I think being able to take hundreds of books in a 10 oz. reader on a holiday or trip would be wonderful and yet I’d miss handling the actual books while reading. Used in conjunction with but not in place of my other books I think I might like one. So far I haven’t been convinced to part with the money.

  2. I love hearing about new writers, not new at writing, but new to me. Anyway, you know what I mean. Thanks for introducing me to Jennifer. Let me pass along Christine Hart in exchange. She’s also a YA author but Victoria. Yay, YA.

  3. Love the new look to your blog, Carol! And thanks for all of the news. I hadn’t heard about the Apple version of the Kindle. Wow. Sounds like a little too much media temptation at the fingertips!

    1. I love your blog’s new look, too, Jody; the new year prompted a change. (Now if I could just find a new picture I like! I can’t get used to these glasses.)

      Since the days of the very first Palm Pilot it seems like the push has been to provide handhelds that can do absolutely everything. I don’t know that I need it all but they’re fascinating gadgets!

  4. Hi, Carol!

    Thanks so much for visiting my site and checking out my stories. I’m going to post a new one in the next week or two. 🙂

    But, uh oh, this Apple reader is bad news. I’m already a total Apple junkie (ipod, iphone, macbook, imac, check!) and now another toy I’ll have to have. Just when I was about to buy a Kindle…. I’m sure you’re right in that it’ll cost twice as much as anybody else’s ebook reader, too. Doh!

    1. I’ll watch for that new story, Lindsay.

      I’m into all things Apple, too, although haven’t gone for the iPhone, at least not while my old phone is still hanging in there. I’ve heard rumors that the Tablet will cost somewhere around $600. I hope that’s wrong. 😦

  5. I am a big fan of Amazon Kindle, I myself own one. But I think Amazon needs to come up with something to get against the iPad to.

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