I typed the title and went to save it, only to be reminded by Word that I’d already written something with the same name. It turns out I started off last year with a January blog entry called, “I Love Mondays”. Okay, so I’m repetitious.  But now I’m also thwarted. I have to find another title. Maybe I’ll just leave it blank for now.


I do love Mondays! My cold is on the wane; I’ve been talked out of procrastinating; sleeves are rolled up; I’m ready to push ahead.


Mondays, especially in January, have that crisp, fresh-start feel. There’s something exhilarating about the long look ahead into a new week and another year.  ::crouching a bit here and ducking in case a Monday-hater is about to throw something at me::


It’s a little like facing a blank page. Maybe a little daunting but with so much potential.


How do you feel about blank pages and new beginnings? [And what title would you suggest for today’s post?]



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14 thoughts on “?

  1. New beginning are exciting. In fact, sometimes they’re so exciting I don’t push through to the end because I have another idea for a new beginning..Might be the same story but a new beginning nonetheless.

  2. How ’bout Demented Start To The New Decade!

    I CAN’T STAND MONDAYS!!! Today was particularly brutal. Not a big fan of the month of January either.

    I rarely start with a blank page. Always resume work part way through or at the end of a chapter &, if at the end, won’t stop writing until I’ve at least edged into the next chapter “for next time” – even if it all changes later. Something about the flow & thought process. Hmmmm… maybe I’M the one that’s demented after all.

    1. Laura – I hadn’t thought of the problem of liking to start so much that a person might not finish. Oops!

      Kristen – I’m glad I’m not alone here. Not sure about the question mark, though — symbolic maybe, but I can’t imagine it suggests much to search engines. 😉

      Dave – I’m ducking! (Just kidding.) Maybe one’s perspective is determined by what the day brings. It’s a clear space on my calendar… usually means I can write all day. But a brutal day at work wouldn’t be so enticing. BTW, I don’t think your idea of not starting on a blank page is demented at all. If everything that went before is there to prompt you onward, that’s smart.

  3. I Love Mondays- Part Deux (a little French Canada tie there even though I don’t think you are in French Canada 🙂 )

    I too love Monday’s Carol…the reason is that my Monday’s are usually a blank page for what my week will bring.

    I look at life a bit different than a lot of people…you asked so here it is.

    I once was in a HORRIBLE job, my life was not cool and my family life struggled because of it.

    I was blessed with a buy out from the company and on that day I promised myself I would never do two things again. 1) Have a job I did not love and 2) Wake up and look at the negative side of the day,week or month. Life is way to stinking short to live it miserably.

    Now, this is not to say that I do not have bad days or some days I dread from time to time….but I do have to say, I wake up Monday’s committed to steps 1 and 2 and it has been huge in my life.

    Love a Monday because I realize what I gift I have to be allowed to live on this earth for however long it might be!

    (I think you asked??)

    1. Joseph – Yes, I asked, and I’m glad you’ve shared this. Recognizing life is a precious gift puts a better perspective on the start of a new week… in fact, on everything! I knew a guy recovering from cancer who said he woke up every morning saying, “Thank you, God, for another day.” Attitude is everything.

      I’m not so sure about the “Part Deux”… I don’t speak French, plus Quebec is five provinces east of BC. Might have to mull that over some more.

  4. How about “The Joy of Mondays” or “Why I love Mondays” or “New Days and Mondays always cheer me up”? Just some ideas. The question mark works, too.

    1. Joylene and Laura – Any of those could work. Good suggestions, thanks. (Although I must admit I’m getting used to the question mark. I’m thinking of just taking a calming breath and moving on.)

  5. I like the question mark, and I think they are stinky for not allowing you to re-use a title. So there.

    I love blank pages, blank dinner plates, and blank checks. But not blank minds or blank stares.

    1. WordPress would let me reuse the title but Word wouldn’t, Jeanette, so my stored file title would have differed from the posted one. Trivial but awkward. The question mark is growing on me.

      Oo, I hadn’t thought about blank cheques (checks, sorry… Canadiana affects me that way). They’re exhilarating, too. 😉

  6. Was the word Mundane taken from Munday? (Today of course it’s spelled Monday) I rest my case, even though I totally made that up – I think.

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