Official ‘Kissing Day’ Blogfest

Katie and Sherrinda decided we should have an Official Kissing Day Blogfest today. It’s apparently in honour of mistletoe but there’s no sign of mistletoe in our house this year. There’s everything else seasonal – the crèche, a decorated tree, garlands and lights on the mantle, a pine wreath on the front door, and even a little Victorian village alight on top of the stereo – but nothing to use as an excuse for kissing. Oh, who needs an excuse anyway? Merry Christmas and a buss on the cheek to you! Thanks for stopping by to check out my Blogfest contribution. Visit Sherrinda’s blog for links to all the other participants.


Meghan rested her forehead against the cool glass and stared out through the rivulets of rain. It had been a week now and still the void ached. She wrapped her arms around her waist and remembered.

“You’re shivering,” said Bruce from behind her. “The fireplace is on in the den if you want somewhere warmer to work.

“I can’t write. There’s nothing there. I’m s-so empty,” Meghan’s voice broke.

Bruce moved closer and enfolded her in a hug, his breath brushing the back of her neck with a whisper.

“It’ll get better, Babe. It will. And we’ll try again.”

She leaned into him with a sigh. Her head told her he was right. It was every other part of her that didn’t quite believe it. They had waited eight years for this almost-miracle, only to have it evaporate before they had barely adjusted to its presence.

“We will, won’t we?” he asked, craning his head around to peer at her from the side.

“Can we not decide this right now?” Meghan straightened and tried to move away but Bruce tightened his grasp just long enough to drop a kiss on the edge of her ear. Then he stepped back and let her go.

The sound of her jabbing at a log in the fireplace filled the silence as he stared through the window at the rain-obscured view.



25 thoughts on “Official ‘Kissing Day’ Blogfest

  1. Jody Hedlund says:

    Ah, that was beautiful writing, Carol! Your writer’s voice came out strong, and the sorrow of the scene did too!

  2. Joanne says:

    A beautiful, touching passage. Sometimes the lightest, briefest kiss says so much.

  3. Amalia T says:

    I like that this is just the barest of kisses, it really fits the emotion of the scene. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bittersweet…lovely and sorrowful writing. Beautiful.

  5. Love it! Thanks for sharing, Carol!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Natalie says:

    Sad and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A sad reason for the kiss, but fitting for the scene.

  8. joylene says:

    So lovely. Thank you, Carol. You never fail to warm my heart. Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year!

  9. victoria s says:

    Such a touching scene. Thanks for sharing!

  10. pepperbasham says:

    Sweet guy! This is a lovely scene.

  11. Oh, Carol, I could feel their pain. Excellent writing, dear. Now I want to know how it ends! They MUST try again, do you hear me? LOL!

    Jesus’ kisses to you,
    Audience of ONE

    • Thanks, Jeanette. Right now there is no other ending. It’s an isolated scene, but I’m thinking of incorporating it into one of my w.i.p.
      To all of you, thanks so much for your kind comments. This Blogfest was such a neat idea — so many different situations in which a kiss is given, plus it brings all of us together in a common effort. We should do this again.

      In the meantime, Christmas blessings to everyone! – CG

  12. Laura Best says:

    Very beautifully written, Carol!!!

  13. iapetus999 says:

    Aww, kind of a depressing kiss.
    I hope that stoking the fire helps!

  14. victoria s says:

    Your have such a strong writing voice. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  15. sara says:

    Oh I love this. I never thought about writing a kiss that wasn’t full of passion, but just full of simple love like the one you’ve written.

  16. Simone says:

    Heartbreakingly beautiful and well written.
    Warm regards.

  17. very well written! thanks for sharing your talent…and on one of my favorite subjects!
    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  18. Thanks again, everyone. I apologize for not replying to each of your individual messages today but I’ve read every single one and appreciated your comments. I’ve also been enjoying my visits to your blogs and reading the great variety of kissing scenes. (Some steamy, some sweet!) I’ll be back to check out more on your blogs after the holidays.

  19. Jade says:

    That was really beautiful. So bitter-sweet!

  20. Lovely and tender, yet sad. Great job! 🙂

  21. sherrinda says:

    What a poignant scene. Beautiful writing, with great emotion! Thanks so much for joining in this kissing party and sharing your talent! You made my day!

  22. Tina Lynn says:

    I haven’t been able to get to some of these ’til today. There are so many. I can totally relate to this scene, so it was very moving. So tender. Thanks.

  23. Jenni James says:

    Aww… so sad. Such an awesome guy…

  24. Thanks, Jennifer and Jenni. I guess it was a little sad for a pre-Christmas post. It’s just the way slices of real life sometimes are. But I hope your Christmases are happy!

    Sherrinda, the blogfest was a lot of fun, so thanks to you for setting it up. I hope we do something like this again sometime.

    Tina, thanks for stopping by to read my contribution. I relate to the scene, too. I miscarried twice after our son was born before ending up with our two miracle daughters.

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