Christmas Melodies

Love it or hate it, Christmas music is everywhere at this time of the year. Department stores, elevators, waiting rooms, hairdressing salons, even mall parking lot loudspeakers send out a non-stop loop of the familiar sounds of the season. Personally, I love the Christmas music — mostly the hymns and sacred songs; the tacky renditions of who the reindeer ran over, not so much.


Janna at Something She Wrote admits to experiencing caroling overload but drew attention to a catchy version of The Twelve Days of Christmas that’s just too good not to share. Thanks, Janna!


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Melodies

  1. This year is a bit odd Christmas music-wise. Most of my favorites aren’t played at all. I’ve got my radio set at three different stations and they all play the same stuff over and over again.

    My all-time favorite is Mary Did You Know. I haven’t heard it once. At first I wondered if all the stations were in cohorts to remove all songs Jesus related until your post reminded me The Twelve Days of Christmas hasn’t been played either. I don’t get it.

    1. A friend of mine complained that she hasn’t heard Mary Did You Know, too. I generally have my CD’s playing, not the radio, so I haven’t noticed what’s on the airwaves, or not on them. Maybe you could phone in a request?

  2. Nice. And they’re cute. I’m lucky. We have Starchoice which is full of Christmas music channels. I particularly like channel 940. It’s the old traditional carols. I never tire of hearing Ava Marie. My brother sang it at midnight mass when we were kids, and now whenever I hear it, I want to call him and chat.

    1. How nice to have a choice like that! We have two Christian radio stations available here… one from WA and the other from NF. I imagine they’re playing a good selection of Christmas music, but I don’t listen to much radio (just in the car, and even then I often have my CD’s along).

  3. Those guys have beautiful voices. My son is a student at Indiana University, so I’ll have to make sure he tells me if they come back for another concert. I’d love to see them in person.

    Earlier this week my husband and I were driving to the mall and we could only find one station with Christmas music out of all the ones on his satellite radio. I’m going to have to hunt through our old cd’s to find the one with Little Drummer Boy, which is our family’s favorite.

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