I Didn’t Want to Know That!

Stumbling from the bedroom early this morning I clicked on the television. The first words uttered by the news anchorman were that Christmas is exactly two weeks away. I didn’t want to know that! Truly I didn’t.


Yes, there is a decorated tree in our family room and the outside lights are up. That makes it sound like I’m well prepared, but guess what? I’m not. That’s just an annual trick to give the illusion that everything is under control. As is the case almost every year at this time, my cards aren’t written, the baking isn’t done, the shopping’s not finished and the gifts that need to be mailed out of town aren’t.


But this evening I will join a group of carolers from our church singing for shut-ins and my heart will feel ready for Christmas. Advent is all about preparation, not of home but of heart. These first two weeks of Advent have focused on Hope and Peace. The next two will be about Joy and Love. When I return to my cards, baking and gifts, I will be remembering with joy those for whom these items are meant, and giving thanks to Him whose Love created Christmas.



Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

14 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want to Know That!

  1. I’ve got one present left to buy, need to purchase a big jar of mincemeat, and … there was something else…. Today, DH got the lights on the Christmas tree before calling it quits. Apparently, searching for light replacements is hard work.

    Merry Christmas, Carol.

    1. My hubby is always our light man, too. He’s a perfectionist and gets the strings along the eaves absolutely straight, and the ones on the tree and mantle evenly spaced. It can take a lot of time and energy… I generally just watch and marvel.

      Merry Christmas to you, too.

    1. It’s a cliche, but when we stay focused on “the reason for the season” the celebrations are full of joy. I’m also grateful that it draws families together. Our children all live in different cities but some of us always manage to get together at Christmas.

  2. I’m in the same boat, Carol. Getting my heart ready for the celebration.

    The December 25 celebration AND the forever one, too.

    Christmas Blessings,
    Jean Hall

  3. I’m not prepared either, also because this year Christmas is a “barrier” for me. I’m supposed to move sometime in January, so as long as it’s pre-Christmas, I can pretend that’s a long time away. Someone, please just slow down time, okay? Thank you.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Moving is such an upheaval! I have a friend moving on January 7th and she decided she didn’t want to be rushed into packing during the holidays so has packed everything in these past two weeks, including all her Christmas decorations . Her family couldn’t believe she isn’t even having a tree this year but I could appreciate the rationale. I’ve moved eight times in forty years… not a bad average, I suppose, but I remember all too well how much work it was every time. I hope you can put the thoughts aside, Kristen, leave the packing until January and just enjoy the holiday.

  4. Too crazy – no time. No tree etc this year. Mailed out checks, the extent of our ‘shopping’. Won’t see anyone anyway – so it’s okay. Last year made it home 4PM Christmas Eve. This year – who knows? Haven’t even had time to pick our oranges & kumquats out back & today it’s monsoon-like out there. On the road again tomorrow. Guess the varmints’ll eat ’em.

    Hope you have a great Christmas.

    1. Oh dear, that’s pretty bad. Life shouldn’t be that crazy. I could do the no tree and no gifts thing, but there *has* to be time for Christmas. Slow down a minute; take a deep breath.

      I hope you find some blessings tucked into your hectic Christmas.

    1. LOL! When the children were young I wanted to do everything, make a perfect Christmas for everyone… and I always had a smile even when I was exhausted. Now I try to make my preparations simpler, do less. I’m still late with things, as my post says, but I don’t panic. If they’re important they’ll get done, eventually, and I’d rather enjoy the doing than fret my way through them. I think getting older has been good for me. 🙂

  5. I love the picture of the banners, Carol! And you’re so right. Throughout Advent, I really try to help my family focus on preparing their hearts for a deeper appreciation of Christ’s birth. Home too, but mostly heart!

    1. The banners were made by a group of women at my church. Through the years they’ve made several for all the different occasions and seasons of the church year. They really enhance the worship atmosphere in our sanctuary. I think that’s why we all like to decorate our homes at Christmas… to enhance the experience, not overshadow it.

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