Surging and Waning Words

I’m writing, then not writing, then writing again. It’s the usual story – fitting the writing process into the reality of other aspects of my daily life. The NaNo challenge is into its twentieth day. The statistics are piling up. I’m past 32,000 words. (If you want to track my progress click on the NaNo icon in the sidebar.) Last year WriMos worldwide logged an accumulated total of 1,643,343,993 words. As of today, just two-thirds of the way through this year’s effort, we have already logged 1,448,554,647 and the number is increasing by approximately 72.5 million a day. That’s a lot of words!


It’s interesting to read comments on some of the NaNoWriMo forums and the blogs of other WriMos. We’re a diverse bunch – some otherwise non-writers who thought it would be fun to write a novel as long as it only took a one-month commitment, and some long-time writers who use the concentrated writing frenzy to re-energize themselves and/or push through a specific project.


About now, however, one thing we all have in common is the ups and downs of inspiration. We’re alternately slogging our way through billowing clouds of discouragement, trying to make something of weak plots and pathetic characters, and then rejoicing in the periodic breakthroughs that bring sunlight into our stories.


In these next ten days may there be more sunshine than clouds!


12 thoughts on “Surging and Waning Words

  1. Dave Ebright says:

    “I’m writing, then not writing, then writing again.”

    Skip the middle one so it’s “I’m writing, then writing again.” That’ll get you closer to the goal quicker.

    Thoughta that all by myself. Keep working at it Carol!!! DE

  2. You’re doing great! Keep writing! And have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Laura Best says:

    You’re doing marvelous. It’s exciting to read about your progress.

    • Thanks, Laura. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have enough written that I’ll be able to flesh it out and reorganize it over the next several months. My November goal is just some basic bare bones.

  4. joylene says:

    thanks for sharing this, Carol. I’m gaining insight through your blogs. I’m almost tempted to try out next year. Hopefully, you’ll remind me how inspiring it was for you?

    I’ve taken on too much this month and next. I don’t understand how you all get stuff done and stay motivated at the same time. Kudos to you.

    • This craziness isn’t for everyone. You really do have to give up a big chunk of your time for the month and sometimes that’s just not possible if your life is already too full. And you also have to give up your pursuit of perfection. Wrong word or not, if it pops into my mind it gets typed because I can’t waste the time finding a better one. That’s really hard to do. But that 50,000 word goal dangles like a carrot every year and this year I’m hoping to make it.

  5. Tricia says:

    And here I whine that the deadline is nearing for a 750 word flash fiction contest. You’d do that in five minutes. I think I’ll enter next year just to get a feel what it’s like not to ponder over a six word sentence for days on end.

    • I also write non-fiction and find that it doesn’t matter what the word allotment is, the associated deadline is always looming. And a contest…? I’d be struggling to find exactly the right six words, too. (Good luck with your entry.) This NaNo thing is a mindless dash to get a rough draft done and, as I said to Joylene, taking time to find just the right words isn’t an option or I simply won’t make the deadline. November 30th loometh!

  6. Carla Gade says:

    Wishing you bright skies ahead!

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