A Writing Talisman Can Provide Motivation

I just found an old post by Melissa Donovan on her Writing Forward blog that says, “In a sense, a writing talisman can be used to program your muse to come out and get to work, on cue,” and she offers some suggestions:

  • choose something to be a creative writing talisman,
  • “charge” the talisman to get it ready for use and then keep it charged (check out her article on how to do this),
  • believe in it, and
  • use it regularly whenever you need some inspiration.

Wouldn’t it be nice to apply talisman status to our computers so that whenever we sit down to write we will instantly be inspired? Hmmm, nope, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. But a talisman can put you in the mood, provide motivation, and remind you of goals.

WoodyMy writing buddy and mentor gave me this little wooden bear that is meant to be saying, “And you’re not writing because….?” He’s always there to remind me that I have a writing goal and I won’t reach it without consistently working at it. I’ve accumulated other talismen, too. I’ll post more pictures in coming days as I get psyched up to face the approaching NaNo writing challenge.

Do you have a favourite writing talisman? How does it work for you?

11 thoughts on “A Writing Talisman Can Provide Motivation

  1. This is good—–I always laugh to myself, of course, when people think writing is EASY. Just because I LOVE to write, doesn’t mean that I can sit at the computer and words just flow. I have to be inspired, I have to work at it. Thanks for all your words of encouragement—it always helps to know that I’m not alone.

    • Thanks, Katt. Sometimes words flow, but more often than not they have to be plucked out one at a time, as painfully as doing eyebrows! Anything that helps make it easier is welcome, including support from fellow sufferers. 😉

  2. Carol Benedict says:

    I don’t have any talismen, but I do have a writing routine. I’ll start a load of laundry, or load the dishwasher, so I feel like I’m accomplishing something. Then I grab a cup of coffee or tea, shove everything on my desk aside, and jot down some notes about what I’m going to work on. I check my blog, check everyone else’s blog in case they posted since the last time I sat down, then I pet the cat, go get fresh coffee…hmmm, no wonder I never get anything written. Maybe I’ll have to find me a talisman instead of a routine.

  3. joylene says:

    If it helps, I’m game. I have a bee brooch around here somewhere. My home is an open-concept. I suspect that is part of my problem. If the Bee Brooch works, I’ll be very grateful.

    Thanks for sharing, Carol.

    • A bee brooch, eh? Is there an explanation of its significance? There are many reasons people choose different talismen — because it has good memories, brings a conviction of associated luck, or is a writing-related object — but I don’t think it matters what it is as long as it focuses us on the task at hand.

  4. Dave Ebright says:

    No talisman (yet?) but I sorta kinda have a routine. It takes me about an hour to “get moving” so I use that 60 minutes to read & “edit” to get back into the flow of the story. Saturday night is most productive. I’ll typically start at 9 PM (after making coffee) & write until 4 or 5 AM. One strange thing that I do – every 45 minutes or so, I’ll get up from the desk & walk around. Sometimes just pace the driveway for a few minutes checking out the stars & inhaling the salt air. Somehow it clears my brain & gives me energy.

    • It seems like a routine that works well for you. And the regular breaks are probably the refreshment that your brain needs to keep you going all night. I don’t know how you can do it, though! I used to be able to pull all-nighters years ago but now I can’t think straight after about 2 a.m.

  5. Joy, tell us about the bee broach?
    Dave, I liked your suggestion about walking outside—-I do that sometimes too, not walking, but sitting on the glider—and staring at the fabulous stars in this Florida sky. They look like I could touch them— that always ignites my creativity—-

  6. Thanks for finding and sharing that old article! It’s on one of my favorites because it feels a little magical. It really works, too!

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