Exposé of a Writing Failure

sc-snowflakes7No, it’s not winter yet. It’s just… well, here’s the story–

It’s not often that I voluntarily expose a personal failure, especially not right out here in cyberspace for scrutiny by all the world (or whatever small portion of said world might find its way to my blogging doorstep). But in a weak moment I agreed to share my experience with Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method of writing as a guest post on Jordan McCollum’s website today.

sc-snowflakes5My attempt at snowflake storytelling design wasn’t pretty. In fact, as a plotting device it didn’t end up resembling a snowflake at all. You’ll find the story of my sorry attempt posted there if you’d like to mosey on over. You can even leave a comment but please say something nice; ridicule is hard on my morale.

9 thoughts on “Exposé of a Writing Failure

  1. joylene says:

    I’ll be there, Carol. As soon as I return from town with Grandma.

  2. joylene says:

    I liked your post so much, I was hoping you’d guest blog on my blog next week and post your snowflake method? It’s a great learning tool.

    • I could, although as I mentioned over on Jordan’s blog, what I ended up with doesn’t resemble the snowflake method beyond the first few steps. I’ll e-mail you to talk about it.

  3. joylene says:

    You’ve taken something that didn’t quite work and made it workable. That’s impressive in my books.

    • It would work for some writers; it just didn’t work for me. I’m convinced there’s no one way that will work for everyone so the only solution is to experiment and adapt until you create a method that feels right.

  4. joylene says:

    That’s what new writers need to hear. The ones I meet online are so fragile and unsure of themselves. I’m sure I was that way too, but it’s so long ago. I’m not sure why, but I want to help as best I can without making it more scarier. That’s why my little blog on 7 easy steps to writing a novel was so simplified. I had a bad experience once with a new writer. I tried to help her and ended up making it worse. She stopped writing. I don’t know if she ever started up again. I critted her full ms and pointed out the flaws. Poor thing was overwhelmed. The one good thing is I’ve been super careful since then.

    • New moms don’t like to told their babies aren’t beautiful and perfect, even if it’s said tactfully!! lol Critiquing is hard to do. Hmmm, maybe that’s a subject for a future blog post. 🙂

  5. JaxPop says:

    Thanks for the link. I read the article & there were several good points but don’t know if it could work for me.

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