Doing Unto Others…

For some time now I’ve been following Joseph DuLaney’s blog at Moving Through Life. Joseph doesn’t claim to be a writer. He describes himself as a “normal Christian” offering his perspective on life. A while back he announced he was leaving his blog. Then, on September 16th he suddenly reappeared.

In his words:

68874987b4793115bfa03727248f3a2c“When I left the blog I really had no intention of coming back.

My career was stressing me out.  My health I was unsure about (cleared that up).  My overall well being I just was not happy with.

All in all I needed to step away from some things so that I could clear up some craziness in my life.

The step away was really good.

I have come up with some new ideas about what I want/need to do in a couple areas.  Since a lot of it is a bit too personal I will keep much of it to myself, but lets just go with the idea that they are good changes.

Here is what I will share:

Friday I will be rolling out Pledging for Weight Loss.  A plan for me to lose some weight while raising some money for others… complete details on Friday.  I think this is cool even if I stole the idea from someone else (hey, theft is a great form of flattery, eh?) (or should I go with great minds think alike?)”

And, that’s what he’s done. On September 18th he went public, announcing his current weight and his commitment to a serious exercise and diet regime for the next three months. Now as someone who has spent a lifetime battling my weight I know how easily that initial determination can wane without support. He has the added incentive of knowing his success will also benefit two other worthwhile causes but a little extra motivation can’t hurt.

So if you’re inclined, please click on over to Joseph’s blog and offer a word of encouragement… maybe even a pledge or two. Let him know you’ll be checking in on his progress periodically. You can tell him Careann sent you.


8 thoughts on “Doing Unto Others…

  1. JaxPop says:

    I’ve visited Joe’s blog before – nice guy. My best weight is always right around 200, but, since I strive to make improvements in my life, I hang around 212 – 215. This way I know, someday, I’ll have some kind of self-improvement project to work on. Don’t want to do too much too soon & leave myself with a boring future.

    • Now that’s a good reason to tolerate a few extra pounds! I should take note. lol My hubby is the tall and lanky type but not me. I’ve always weighed more than I ought to and more than I want to. Since it’s obviously been bugging Joseph I admire his desire to work toward a healthier future and wish him success.

  2. JodyHedlund says:

    What a really neat thing that we can use cyberspace to hold one another accountable for things like weight loss. I have other blogging friends who are doing that too!

  3. Dave Ebright says:

    Aaaaaggghhh – The timing! Deb caught me in the peanut butter last night. It’s my favorite food (Oreos #2). Miss ‘healthy’ says ya shouldn’t have anything after 7PM. I say the cutoff needs to be moved to 10:45. That’s when I shut the coffee pot off.

    I’m trying to be helpful so the coroner doesn’t have to go all crazy tryin’ to figure out what killed me! Considerate huh?

    Coroner: “We have an open & shut case here. Peanut butter after 10PM. Zip ‘im up.”

  4. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the post Carol! So far so good. I am playing catch up on your blog today…for some reason I lost all of my rss links in Google reader….I really need them all back!

    And really…thanks again for sending folks my way. I would love to just raise a ton of money for the two charities I am losing for.

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