It’s Mine! No, It’s Mine!

You remember that walk I mentioned yesterday? The one in the lovely September sunshine? Well, let me tell you….

I love nature. Honestly, I do. There are just a few of its inhabitants that gross me out, but I compromise: I’ll let them live undisturbed outside as long as they let me live undisturbed inside. The back deck, however, continues to be a battlefield as both of us try to claim ownership. (I wrote about that last summer, here.)

Despite accepting that the outdoors is their rightful place, when I’m out there I’d rather not encounter any miniature wildlife unexpectedly. So as I returned from my walk and climbed the steps onto our deck I was not at all amused to walk head first smack into a spider web complete with its dueling occupants.

Araneus diadematus – Garden spiders

Araneus diadematus – Garden spiders

“It’s mine!” “No, it’s mine!” They seemed to be competing for the location and a nearby tasty morsel caught up in the web beside me. Blech! After I had disengaged myself and watched their antics for a moment in semi-fascinated revulsion, I took a quick picture, then found a stick to remove them and the web. Begone, trespassers! This deck is mine!

th_farmer_fenceP.S. If you want to be really grossed out, check this Fall 2007 story about a 60 acre spider web near McBride in northern BC! (Photo by Matthew Wheeler)


8 thoughts on “It’s Mine! No, It’s Mine!

  1. vade55 says:

    Those are really creepy. The only spiders I don’t mind are daddy-longlegs. We don’t have a problem with spiders, even on the deck. I think it’s because there are so many birds around here that they keep bugs and spiders under control most of the time. This summer we got invaded by some kind of tiny, furry black worms, though. Never saw anything like them before, and they covered the driveway for several weeks. Yuck!


    • We don’t see many bugs here during the summer — like you, we have quite a few birds — but September always seems to bring the spiders out. Guess they’re looking to trap enough calories to last them through the winter.

  2. Heather says:

    They’re battling to get indoors here right now. I ran out of Raid last night.

    • I went around last week with the Raid can and “discouraged” several who thought they could hang across our windows and doors. That’s much too close to my territory… makes it too easy for them to get in.

  3. JaxPop says:

    They’re actually not bad eatin’ with a little hot sauce. Flossing is tough afterwards.

  4. joylene says:

    See what I mean? I’ve never met Dave and yet even I know he’s weird.

    I hate spiders! And it’s especially annoying having to find a strong slip of cardboard and a glass, and deposit them outside, only to turn around an hour later and spot the little creepy crawler trying to sneak back in.

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