Kreativ Blogger Award – Part 2

kreativ blogger6Ah-ha!! I just knew there had to be something behind this award beyond the nominations and rules that have recently been circulating the blogosphere. I went searching and finally discovered its origin.

The original logo was handmade from fabric scraps by a very creative Norwegian lady named Hulda. She recorded the step by step process in photos on her blog, Husfruas Memoarer, in a May 8, 2008 post:

kreativ blogger1
kreativ blogger2

kreativ blogger3

kreativ blogger4

kreativ blogger6

She gave it to her sister and three other blogging friends whom she felt were very creative and said if they wanted to pass it on they were free to do so. There were no strings attached to using it except that she said [translated], “It is nice if you justify why you think this person is a creative blog[ger], when you give it further.” In later use creativity has been interpreted to be not only in the fields of arts and crafts but also photography, cooking and literature.

And so, returning to its beginnings, instead of looking for seven bloggers to nominate, I think Hulda’s idea of four bloggers would be  a good number to honour. In fact, in addition to several publishing professionals and a couple personal favourites who have already received the award, there are really just two others whose blog posts I look forward to reading day after day.

  • Lea Ann McCombs’ blog, Lea Ann’s Garden: “A bend in the road is not the end of the road–unless you fail to make the turn”,  and

Both Lea Ann and Joylene are creative writers. Their blogs aren’t fancy (although I love the garden photo on Lea Ann’s heading and the photos that Joylene often includes), but they provide thoughtful reflections on a wide variety of topics, not just related to novel writing but sometimes on politics or war or parenting or life in general. Both have experienced some tough times but they don’t skirt them. Their thoughts are always offered from the heart. I feel their honesty and to me that’s what good writing’s all about, regardless of the subject matter.

So I wish them both great publication success and send kudos and the Kreativ Award to the two of them! They both deserve it. They may copy whichever version of the logo they prefer for their own blogs and decide for themselves which set of accompanying criteria they would like to adopt. 🙂


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

12 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award – Part 2

  1. Of course, you can’t see it, but my face is red. And I’m grinning. You are a terrific human being and very generous. Reg told me you emailed the radio station to compliment my reading. That’s what I mean. You always go above and beyond.

    I checked out Lea Ann’s blog and Babe Ruth stole my heart. What an adorable face. You just want to give her a big hug, eh? The kids were pretty cute too.

    I’m honoured, Carol. I think it’s amazing how we met, and receiving this award has made my day. My month. Here’s back at ya! Just goes to show that the world isn’t near as large or as cold as they’d like to think. I’ve always known it was a wonderful place.

    1. You’re very welcome, Joylene. I’m glad there is this special way to acknowledge your dedicated blogging and excellent writing.

      Yes, Babe Ruth is pretty sweet. I loved Lea Ann’s tale of when they travelled to pick her up. Her story of her younger daughter’s accident is memorable, too. (There’s a link to Susie’s story in her sidebar.)

  2. Hi Carol,

    I loved learning about the origins of that award! Thank you for sharing it! That was fascinating!! And congrats to you for getting it and the bloggers you’re passing it to!

  3. Carol, thanks so much for the information, and the link to Hulda’s sublimely beautiful blog – it made me wish I could read Norwegian!
    I just had the Award passed to me and wanted to research it a little more, and I appreciate the information you’ve provided.

    1. I was pleased to find Hulda’s site, too. If you use Google’s translation abilities you can read her blog in English. Go to and half way down the page where it says “translate a web page” type in Hulda’s blog URL and also select “Norwegian to English”. It will take you to her site in English. The translation is sometimes a little awkward, but at least you can figure out what she’s saying.

  4. Hi there! I’ve been trying to get back to your blog. Do you mind setting up your comments to blogs with a link back to here? I felt so bad that you have commented so many times and I haven’t been back. THanks!! I finally googled your name and blog.

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