On Fridays, Endings and Beginnings

When I was a child, Fridays used to be my favourite day of the week. Not much could equal the exhilaration of that 3 p.m. escape from school that heralded what seemed like endless hours of weekend freedom, and there was nothing like the day it was coupled with the end-of -June release into summer vacation.


Julie Payette & Bob Thirsk

Julie Payette & Bob Thirsk

I wonder if the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour experienced a similar end-of-mission excitement as they returned to earth today. Their sixteen days in space included a lot of history-making highlights – the first gathering of thirteen people in one place outside of earth’s boundaries, and the first meeting of two Canadians in space, Julie Payette and Bob Thirsk.


Thinking of other endings, I also wonder how the crew of the Albion Ferry feels today as it made its last sailing on the Fraser River at noon, crossing between Fort Langley and Maple Ridge. The new Golden Ears Bridge has made the ferry crossing obsolete, much to the disappointment of many who have enjoyed the free service since it began on June 7, 1957.


Klatawa taken from on board the Kulleet

Klatawa taken from on board the Kulleet


Endings can be bittersweet. Remember what it was like when you did that last save on a completed manuscript? All those months (in some cases years) of sharing your mind with the complexities of your characters’ lives finally reached a conclusion. Were you relieved to say goodbye or reluctant to send them out into the world on their own? Such moments are a little like watching your baby leave for his first day of kindergarten. There is regret for what is being lost but anticipation of what is to come.


Endings lead to new beginnings both in writing and in life.


7 thoughts on “On Fridays, Endings and Beginnings

  1. Heather says:

    I didn’t know the bridge was complete! Wow. And I oh so get those bittersweet endings.

    • The bridge was opened to traffic in mid-June with one month of no tolls. The tolls went into effect mid-July–$3.90 each way, which makes for an expensive round trip into Langley even with the gas we might save.

  2. Jody Hedlund says:

    Oh, endings are definitely bittersweet! It’s satisfying to see the growth and the completion, but it’s also sad to say goodbye to that era (whether in our writing or watching our children grow or whatever it is). But I like your reminder that our endings are only the new beginning of something else!

    • Jody, I think one of the pushes to do sequels or series novels is being able to stay with some of the same characters for a little longer. Two of my stories are stand alones but involve the same people. Not sure if it was laziness (not having to create new ones) or affection for them!

  3. JaxPop says:

    Hah! Watchin’ kids go off to school. They caught the bus & we moved away! Probably still lookin’ for us. Just kidding.

    It was too cloudy when the last shuttle launched – couldn’t see a thing but have pictures of other launches.

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