Did Someone Say It’s Summer?

I’m not complaining. Truly I’m not! After all, complaints were plentiful enough when Spring was late arriving and Winter’s chill lingered into May. So now that June has arrived with day after day of more than 30oC temperatures, we’re grateful, right? All those new forest fires mere miles from our summer cabin don’t worry us a bit, do they? I wouldn’t dare admit that I miss April’s showers!


Excuse me, but I need to go water the flowers. They’re wilting.


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say It’s Summer?

  1. Yikes – Hope they get the fires out quickly. We get our share of forest fires down here when it’s dry. Our property backs up to a nature preserve (resembling the jungle from a Tarzan movie) so it can be scary. We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately so the threat will be reduced for a little while, but it is seriously hot & humid. Naturally I’m outside in it all day these past few weeks & I get home completely washed out. The heat is either the source of – or the miserable companion to – a headache that has lasted almost 3 solid weeks.

  2. It was 32 degrees here yesterday and today, and I’m doing the same thing, expressing great amounts of gratitude while I wonder if we should move our bed outside.

    It’s a different hot here then in Jamaica. Strange that I understand that now. Usually, Canadians travel in winter so when they return, they’ve got nothing to compare the heat with. Jamaica was warm, humid and probably 40 most days, yet I feel warmer here. Go figure.

  3. Joylene, sleeping on the deck sounds tempting! Life down south is allowed to be hot; as far as I’m concerned life in the Pacific Northwest is not. Excess heat makes me nauseous so I’m hoping this doesn’t last much longer. My sympathy on the headache, Dave. That’s brutal.

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