Myths About Creativity and Thinking Outside the Box

Knowing there is no subject about which reams haven’t already been written, writers are always looking for new approaches to transform old ideas. Creativity infers a process of “thinking outside the box”… looking at things from a new or different perspective. But Brian Clark, founding editor of the Copyblogger website, says ,“You need to realize there is no box to step outside of…. The barriers to a good idea are truly all in [your] head…. We’re all limitlessly creative, but only to the extent that we realize that we create our own limits with the way we think.”


It’s an excellent article on creative thinking. If you haven’t already read it I recommend you check it out.


2 thoughts on “Myths About Creativity and Thinking Outside the Box

  1. Shari says:

    “there is no box…” — I love that! 😀

  2. JaxPop says:

    I liked the article. Setting up a blog on WordPress seems to require a degree in computer science. I like the options vs Blogger but don’t think I have the patience.

    Enough naggin’

    As a writer of fiction, I believe anything’s possible – “prove it couldn’t happen like that” – Hah! What goes through my head…. kinda fun bein’ “out there”……

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