Weird Wildlife and Fluttering Feathers

There must be something strange in the air here. A few days ago I mentioned that we’ve been entertaining an aggressive squirrel who defends the birdfeeder from all would-be diners. Today he was challenged by a robin.


Now, we all know robins neither eat birdseed nor frequent birdfeeders. You’ll normally find them hunting down worms and larvae in the lawn or berries in the garden. It turns out birdseed wasn’t this robin’s goal. He was clearing the deck of potential opponents! At least that’s my take on it.


Once the squirrel was gone, the robin turned his attention to his own reflection in our windows. For more than three hours he flew at the glass, never touching it but belligerently fluttering bare inches away. When I closed the blinds he perched on the railing nearby and continued to dart periodically at the windows to guarantee his mirrored image didn’t return.


I love watching the wildlife around here, but these guys are weird!


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