Imagination at Work

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”

[Jean-Jacques Rousseau]

Imagination is a fascinating phenomenon. With it the writer’s mind creates people who don’t exist, places that have never been, events that didn’t happen, and somehow combines them to create a world that readers accept as real.


Indulging in mental wool gathering is a necessary prelude to writing. Staring at people in public places, talking to ones’ self, wandering in apparent aimlessness – these are often signs of the creative process in action. Of course they can also be signs of a rude schizophrenic person who is genuinely lost.


Should you encounter me displaying an unusually vague state of mind please inquire if I’m plotting my next novel before making a psychiatrist’s appointment for me.


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

5 thoughts on “Imagination at Work

  1. Ahaha! I, too, have been zoned out a fair bit of late, trying to get a handle on where I’m going with this new WIP. It’s still fuzzy, but with enough daydreaming, I think it’ll clear. 😉

  2. You are so right. I can remember daydreaming as far back as my intellect goes. I love going to those magical places that I know I’ll only see in my mind’s eyes. Not a good time to wander while I’m driving tho. hee hee. But while doing dishes? Or vacuuming? Or cleaning the tub? Very good times.

  3. Lately my imagination has been in overdrive but can’t seem to put anything into words. I haven’t even been able to write a decent blog post. I’ve never run into a block like this. It’s even carried over to non-writing stuff. Beautiful weather, time off & I’m in some kind of upside down state of mind – accomplishing zero. Trying to organize, get settled, something! I can’t even read for more than 10 minutes at a time. I came within a whisper of deleting my current WIP (which was going well previously) & deleting my blog. Maybe I need a shrink. I feel like I’m wasting time. Maybe that’s the problem – too much free time on my hands, with a few more weeks vacation (leftover from last year) to use up. I need something to jumpstart the process. Maybe a pair of those shock paddles would help. Sorry, didn’t mean to vent on your blog.

  4. Hey, Dave, don’t apologize. Sounds like exactly the right time to be airing and sharing your frustration. I know having a creative meltdown can feel devastating but don’t be too quick with those shock paddles. And please don’t destroy a single bit of what you’ve already accomplished.

    For some people writer’s block is very real and they come to a total standstill; others can manage to work through it. Either way, I promise you IT WILL PASS. It always does, although not necessarily as fast as you wish it would.

    Don’t push yourself into panic mode trying to force words out. Give the Muse a bit of space… focus on something else for the rest of your vacation, like building birdhouses, or maybe that writing sanctuary you spoke of before. Anything that allows you to refresh your mind and spirit and get re-energized. E-mail me at chickaddd2007 [at] yahoo [dot] com if you’d like to chat more.

  5. Oops! Dave, I got my own e-mail address wrong! It’s not .com, it’s .ca, so it’s chickaddd2007 [at] yahoo [dot] ca. “Oh bear of little brain.” That’s me.

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