Today’s Musings



Rain slashes across the sky obliterating everything but a vague view of the nearby trees. Am I complaining? Definitely not! Every time I peer out the window I can tell there is less snow on the ground. I’ll be happy if the rain continues until the last vestige of snow disappears. I’m hoping that will happen tonight. Tomorrow morning at 4:44 a.m. Spring arrives and I can’t fathom saying “spring” and “snow” in the same breath.



After two months of replacing fried electronics compliments of our helpful insurance company, then initiating computers, installing software and finding lost data, I thought we had finally reached the point of being able to get back to work. Not so. Murphy apparently has a relative that lives in our attic and takes delight in piling one catastrophe on top of another.


While working on a chapter edit last weekend my ancient iBook laptop suddenly flickered into oblivion. You have to understand that it has been the indispensible extension of my hands when I’m in writer mode so its demise is truly devastating. We booked an appointment with a computer guru hoping for resuscitation but he pronounced it DOA.


After covering his ears against my moans for a couple hours DH decided life without a laptop was going to be unbearable and suggested we might juggle finances enough to buy a replacement.  So another new computer has entered our lives… an aluminum-clad MacBook… and my office desk sports mother/baby lookalikes while I record the serial number of what I realize is our thirteenth Apple computer in the span of about twenty-three years. How did that happen? I seem to recall that thirteen is considered an unlucky number. Maybe our present computers will outlive us.




Chocolate chip cookies, when made with dark chocolate chips, are a healthy snack. I’m not kidding. Chocoholics everywhere have always known what the medical profession has finally confirmed. Dark chocolate contains nearly eight times the number of antioxidants than strawberries. So go ahead… dip those strawberries in yummy dark chocolate and lower your blood pressure at the same time.


Enough with the musing. Time to meander away from these computers and see if I can find a chocolate chip cookie.



Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Musings

  1. I went to Vanderhoof this morning and on the north side of the highway, I saw… ground!

    Yay, IBook. I love my Imac so I totally understand your glee.

    Strawberries and chocolate… oh yummy.

  2. The rain has been rapidly revealing our yard. The only snow left this evening are the ridges on either side of the driveway, and they may be around for quite a while yet. I’ll bet you were pleased to see that bit of ground this morning.

    Too bad strawberries are out of season right now, but another decadent chocolate treat… melted chocolate with a spoonful of peanut butter stirred in, served over ice cream. Somehow I don’t think it’s very good for me though, since the milk in the ice cream inhibits the antioxidants in the chocolate from doing their good work. And oh, those calories! 🙂

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