Jellybean Philosophy

When the going gets tough, the tough go for jellybeans — or, in this case, the Confidence Guy goes for them. Remembering what’s important puts daily stresses into perspective for him. I think maybe I’ll go buy some jellybeans. Sounds like they’re good reminders to have on hand. Besides, I love jellybeans!


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4 thoughts on “Jellybean Philosophy

  1. Me too! But my big weakness is licorice. Black and red, doesn’t matter. Oh, and nibs. I just realized something. I haven’t had a jellybean or a stick of licorice in almost three years. that’s sad.

    When I quit smoking in 1999, it was the reds one that got me thru it. That’s loyalty.

  2. Ahhhhh…….stress. My doctor keeps begging me to get out of the business that I’m in because, as he says, “It’s slowly killing you.” (That chucklehead had to say it in front of my wife – that was helpful.) How do you change careers after 30 years? Uh… let’s see. I’m not going to build hospitals anymore… think I’ll be a ( fill in the blank ).

    When I get upset or frustrated, my hands blister, almost instantly. It’s very painful actually. Maybe it’s ’cause I try too hard to control my temper or hide my annoyance. Being a hardcore perfectionist has drawbacks. It can be agonizing.

    Enough venting.

    My crutch is coffee. Strong. Lots of it.

    Have a great weekend. DE

  3. I like licorice, too, Joylene… both black and red, although black is my preference. Sure can’t get into that salty kind though.

    And I consume my fair share of coffee, Dave, although I’d have to say Diet Coke often beats it out. I was interested in Steve Errey’s column because I don’t deal well with stress, but it sounds like stress hits you much harder. I hope you can find something besides job hunting that will alleviate it. We need good hospital builders. 🙂

  4. I’m still gainfully employed – the Doc just thinks my career is too demanding. The cumulative approximate value of the projects that I’ve managed to date exceeds half a billion dollars. Naturally all have critical deadlines, design issues, etc – so I guess 30 years of problem solving is catching up.
    My dad was a builder – told me to stay out of the biz (I was going to be an English teacher). Told my boys to stay out of it. They’re both Project Managers in Pennsylvania – one does office buildings & medical work, the other historical restoration at the state capitol. My youngest son is 28 – he’s already got gray hair in his goatee (like the old man). He’s my clone. Poor kid. Neither of ’em can spell. I failed them somehow!

    I’m a Coke Zero fan. Guzzling one right now.

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