More on the Ws (or Double Ewes): What?

My February 20th posting, “Writing For…?” kept me thinking. What I write varies with my mood but the two topics that most often turn up in this blog are my novel writing and my locale. If you were a fly on the wall here you’d understand why that’s so.


In this semi-rural retreat I call home I am surrounded by trees, a bit of wildlife, and the stillness that makes for a perfect sanctuary. Nighttime moonlight flits between the darkened trees to find its way through the french doors beside my bed. Morning sunlight filters through trees to bring its warmth into the livingroom. With hands wrapped around a coffee mug I stand at the bank of windows in our kitchen/family room and check out the slash of deer tracks punctuating the fresh snow in the back yard. There is no place I’d rather be. When my thoughts settle into this groove my subjects are home and hearth.


Other times my mental closet of plots and process reaches spillover stage and the ideas that tumble out are random aspects of novel writing — the quirks of the Muse, character development, storylines, revision frustrations, even agents and rejection dejection.


There isn’t a lot of logic to why and when creativity clicks into gear or what writing will result when it does. I’ve learned the important thing is not so much what I write but that I write. My responsibility is to keep trying and eventually I become a channel for ideas that need to materialize. Then I simply have to find an appropriate title to attach and launch the creation into cyberspace.


So, with that revelation, here’s today’s contribution.


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

One thought on “More on the Ws (or Double Ewes): What?

  1. We are kindred spirits, Careann. I am so in in tune to what you are saying: hearth and home, and writing. It’s also my world. In fact, as I contemplate my WIP and a scene I’ve been working on in my head all week, I glance above my keyboard and see snow falling outside. The sky is snow-cloud full. All the skido tracks on the lake have disappeared. Yesterday, a lone moose cow wondered from this side to the island. And as I watched, I worried that we’ve so encroached upon her territory that her home is shrinking.

    Thank you. I have my blog subject for the day.

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